Daniels 1970 Remodel

Lauren and Chase’s Master Bathroom Remodel Reveal

Before we jump into shower heads, tile selections and all things master bathroom remodel, I (Lauren) feel some background is necessary. In November of 2018, Chase and I bought our second fixer upper home (Yes, we may in fact be crazy). You can see a tour of our first home here. After quite a few months of casually house shopping, a 1970’s house in a great location came up and we couldn’t not go for it. It just had too much potential. In Austin the process of buying a home goes a little something like this: a house lists on Friday, you see …

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Chase and Lauren’s 1970’s Living Room Before and After

If you enjoy a good renovation story, this 1970’s living room before and after is for you! Keep reading for all of the juicy details– paint colors, tile selections and so much more! If you’ve been following along, you’ve already seen an inside look our remodel. (If not, start here, then go here!) We have finally landed in our living spaces, which honestly came together pretty quickly since there wasn’t much cosmetic work in these rooms, but those finishing touches always take a bit of time. Keep reading for the full …

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Lauren and Chase’s 1970s Kitchen Remodel Before and After

This 1970’s Kitchen Remodel is one you truly have to see to believe! Keep reading for all of the oh-so-satisfying before and afters. Check out the rest of the house here or see the Daniels’ first renovation home tour here! Now here’s Lauren for the full kitchen tour…! I’ve been anticipating this reveal since demo day, I saw so much potential in this walled off, outdated 70’s kitchen. I immediately loved a few things about it– tons of natural light from a large window and sliding glass door, and the view out …

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