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Cool Hunting || Mules

Have you dove into the depths of your fall closet yet?  We had two chilly mornings last week that had me frolicking in chunky knits and ankle boots at 8am, only to be replaced by cut offs and a much less chunky top by noon.  I’m dreaming of turtlenecks layered over silk dresses and tweed blazers with silk camis and cropped pants.  When it comes to fall footwear, anyone else coveting all the mules lately?  Have they superseded the ubiquitous ankle bootie? For a little reference, mules are in 2017 what ballet flats were in 2008.  …

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Boxy Tops vs Fitted Tops

There are Miracle Whip people and mayonnaise people, those who use their blinkers with ample time to spare and those who don’t use them at all, white wine drinkers and red wine drinkers, thise that call it a button up and those that call it a button down, and then there are those who prefer fitted tops and those that prefer their tops with plenty of wiggle room, boxy tops if you will.  I learned while styling that nothing could sabotage a fitting faster than shopping more boxy, drapey, avant garde shapes for a woman who liked her …

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The Best of Wide Leg Crops

Interestingly enough, pants seem to be something that I’m having an issue with lately.  There was the pantless hospital arrival of two weeks ago, followed by the realizing that between our three moves in the last year I couldn’t find any loose fitting, real world appropriate pants to wear when I got home.  This led to the super market sweep of pant shopping that was had on Parker’s first day of school at the local Ann Taylor Loft store while Aaron circled the parking lot with newborn, toddler, and high-school aged nephew …

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The Best Backpacks for Stylish Kids and Grown Ups

Aaron has always been a pretty great gift giver. Our first Christmas together he managed to find out that I had been ogling this vintage watch at a watch shop on Melrose that I used to frequent in my work travels. He managed to track it down and wrap it up so slyly underneath the tree without me ever being the wiser.  Fast forward almost nine years later and this past Mother’s Day I unwrapped a leather backpack from him.  I loved the color and the materials and definitely liked it, but I wasn’t really in the market for a new …

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