Cocktail Hour || Mexican Vanilla Moscow Mules

As you might expect, this holiday season in Austin is markedly different from the last 10 that we spent in LA. For starters, we are surrounded here by immediate and extended family and there is no shortage of invitations for Christmas cookie baking parties, trail of lights adventures or holiday celebrations.  Also, as I’m typing this it’s 47 degrees outside and I’ve worn a coat more times in the last week than I did in an entire LA winter. (Not complaining, I happen to LOVE coats!)  The last month has been filled with …

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Cocktail Hour || Gin Lavender Lattes

Coffee based cocktails are so often associated with after-dinner drinks. There’s the infamous White Russian and of course Irish Coffee, but we wanted to create a drink that was more Mother’s Day brunch and less dessert at an old-fashioned Italian restaurant. We partnered with illy and used their stylish new X7.1 Sunrise Limited Edition iperEspresso Machine to do some recipe testing and came up with a drink that is equal parts classic, beautiful, and unique– just like mom. They’re super easy to use and the taste of the …

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Cocktail Hour || Speckled Egg Easter Mimosas

When I started this blog over four years ago, it was mostly to document the inspiration I was finding for different styling jobs.  Pinterest was new and unfamiliar and this little corner of the internet seemed like a safe enough place for my amateur attempts at mood boards.  I wasn’t quite sure what I was doing here or why I was doing it, but I knew I enjoyed it.  When I started our Cocktail Hour series, it was the first thing that I felt really proud of.  Even so, looking back, some of them are still just downright bad, but it felt …

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Cocktail Hour / Sugared Cranberry Margarita

There’s no cliche like a kid cliche, y’all.  From the moment your belly starts growing it begins.  People tell you, “It will go by so fast!” or “Enjoy every moment!  Don’t wish any of it away!”. Then there’s my personal favorite: “The days are long but the years are short!”.  You smile and nod politely or give a little laugh and exclaim, “Totally!”   It sounds like a broken record because we have all heard it so many times, but that’s because it is SO TRUE! …

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