All the Best Fall Coats I Tried On So You Don’t Have To

Baby, it’s cold outside! After what seemed like an endless amount of freezing cold days here in Texas (I think it was three, ha!), I thought I would share our market research on the best coats! If you’ve been here for awhile this is going to be old news to you, but if you’re new here let it be known that I think outerwear is one of the best wardrobe investments. In the winter months, if the temperature drops below 50 you will rarely see me in anything else. Think of them as your outfit’s way of making a good first …

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My Style || The Case for Coats

There are a lot of things that I feel passionately about: black and navy as one of the most chic color combinations, boots for all seasons, organic fruits and vegetables, and the importance of good coats in one’s wardrobe.  Here’s why: For starters, they last a long time and people don’t tend to fluctuate in coat size as much as they do in other things like say jeans, so you can likely wear them for years and years and years.  Also, during those cold winter months, your coat is often times the first thing people will …

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My Style // A New Chapter

When Parker was first born, I anxiously awaited the day when we would have a schedule.  I  would hear moms of older babies talk about how they “had to be home by 12 for nap time” and was green with envy.  Even more, before baby, things like working out and grocery shopping used to slip easily into my day and that certainly changed when Parker came on the scene.  What I am about to say, I say knowing that all phases seem to come and go.  In fact I’m probably jinxing myself even saying it out loud, but here goes …

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