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Where To Eat {Australia}

  Happy Friday!  How were all of your weeks?  The jet lag is finally starting to wear off, so I am back to feeling like my same-old self who can bounce out of bed stumble to the coffee maker at 7am.  Thank goodness!  While the jet lag was not so endearing, there were so many things I adored about Australia.  The people were warm, the architecture and street are were inimitable, and I had some of the best meals of my whole life there!  If you’re planning a trip (and you should!) be sure to check out these 9 spots that are …

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On The Road // Australia

Hi, friends!  How are your weeks going?  Somehow, because I am so far away, you guys feel very far away.  That doesn’t even make sense does it?  This is my first visit to Australia and after a week here, I can report that it is a really rad place.  While both Melbourne and Sydney both boast great food, coffe, and super friendly people, they couldn’t be more different, which I didn’t expect at all!  Melbourne feels more urban– a lot of street art, tiny cafes and restaurants, and amazing shopping.  Sydney on the …

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Vacation in {Austin}

Deep in the heart of Texas is where Austin lies and oh how near and dear she is to me!  I spent my first 22 years of life there before moving to LA and I just got back from a quick four day visit last weekend.  The people are warm and unpretentious, the food is rich and delicious, and between the live music scene, the lakes, and the shopping, there is never a shortage of activities to partake in! Where To Stay: In college I lived on South Congress Avenue right behind Magnolia Cafe in apartments that you couldn’t pay me to walk into …

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