Capsule Wardrobe

Summer Capsule Wardrobe // Look 13

If capsule wardrobing teaches you anything, and in my limited experience with the concept I can assure you that it most certainly does teach you things, it’s that accessories can totally define a look.  They can dress things up, dress them down, make them preppy or bohemian or edgy.  They can make something as simple and casual as this jean and t-shirt look come together and look finished and intentionally casual/sporty.  Hats, of all accessories, are one of my favorite ways to finish out a look.  Do you own a hat?  You can find …

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Summer Capsule Wardrobe // Look 12

Let’s call this post the tale of when impulse shopping goes right.  Last June, Parker was 10 weeks old and the Net-a-Porter sale was in full swing when this new mama decided to rid her ailing closet indecision with some binge shopping.  I ordered no less than 14 things- blame it on the heat or the small babe.  Once that beautiful white and black box arrived I ended up only keeping a few things, including these shorts and this silk tank, but have worn them so many times since.  Hands down some of the best staples I now own. The …

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Summer Capsule Wardrobe // Look 11

I am fully owning the fact that I am rocking red, white, and blue in this post on July 7th, but I mean I am still kind of feeling the effects of the weekend! We took a 5:30am flight home from Austin yesterday (which is 3:30am west coast time) and Parker was so exhausted that she took a 4 hour afternoon nap– poor gal!  I will be posting more about our trip to Austin soon, but in the meantime wanted to see how all of your summers are going?  Since Parker is able to enjoy activities more this year than she was last year, we have been …

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Summer Capsule Wardrobe // Look 10

If this post wasn’t part of our capsule wardrobe series and thus titled accordingly, I would have titled this post more appropriately, “5 wardrobe mistakes I make as a wardrobe stylist”.  True story.  When I’m working, I eyeball every look before it goes on set with excruciating detail, but in my own life I’m much more laidback, sometimes to a fault.  When I opened up these images to put together this post, my very first thought was, “Why have I not taken these jeans to get hemmed yet?!”.  A …

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