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Core 7: How to Create A Seasonal Wardrobe You Love

In some ways, this post has been five months in the making.  In January, I did an Instagram poll asking readers what types of content they loved most.  All of the responses were very insightful, but what I was most surprised by was the number of people asking for capsule wardrobe posts or others asking for help in conquering the conundrum that is putting together a cohesive wardrobe.  The wheels started turning and I found myself digging back into the depths of my wardrobe styling experiences, thinking about people’s closets, what …

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The Effortless Chic Wardrobe Overhaul

Updating your wardrobe can seem like a daunting task, but I’m going to take you through the steps for a full and complete wardrobe overhaul without the stress! Create a stylish capsule wardrobe that will take you through everyday life, evenings out and business meetings. Find your style, identify the clothes you need, begin your style transformation and redo your wardrobe! We kicked off the year back in January with a simple wardrobe overhaul series over on Instagram— mostly because I was desperate for one myself and figured I …

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Capsule Wardrobe || Newborn Wardrobe Essentials

If you could see our office / third bedroom / soon to be nursery right now (and actually I should probably story it on Instagram so that you can), you would understand why I feel more than a bit behind prepping for this babe.  Part of the problem is that we are making a lot of big decisions lately for our new house that is coming together (and that I also owe you an update on!) and the other part is that I feel like at the end of the day they just don’t need that much in the beginning.  Here’s what they do need: a place to …

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Summer Capsule Wardrobe || Toddler Girls

It’s about this time every summer that I find myself wishing away the days in the hope that fall will come sooner. (Which, of course, it doesn’t.)  This year will be different, though.  I decided that this morning when I cracked open my computer at 5:30am and found that it said August 1st.  This year I will spend August not complaining about the heat or planning my fall wardrobe additions, but rather drinking all of the rosé, wearing all of the midi skirts, and even enjoying that tingling feeling my skin gets when I first …

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