5 Ways to Integrate Wellness into your Morning Routine with Grove Collaborative

Prior to google calendars, my day planners were used more often as an accessory than something of utility. (Or in the case of high school, for documenting which outfits were worn on which days.) I could never help myself from buying the beautiful paper-filled books and I loved the idea of them, but I just was never a big planner. My natural inclination may not have always been towards rigorously planned days and routine, but now that I have kids, the only way my life functions smoothly is knowing what time we will all eat, play, work, and …

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Gluten Free Pumpkin Pancakes

These gluten free pumpkin pancakes are perfect for a fall breakfast or brunch. Easy and quick to make with a subtle flavor of pumpkin spice, these sweet pancakes are sure to be a hit! Serve with drizzled honey or maple syrup. Dairy free and made with coconut flour. Fall is for sure my most favorite time of year.  Oh how I (Lauren) love pumpkin season! I can’t deny my love for all things pumpkin. As soon as I see pumpkins in front of the grocery store, I just get giddy. I’ll even admit to being one of those people who can’t …

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Gluten Free Baked Apple Streusel Donuts

It may still be close to a hundred degrees in some parts of the country, but when September rolls around you can smell Fall in the air. It’s my most favorite season and yes, I (Lauren) am one of those people who loves all things pumpkin. However, even I can admit that maybe it’s a bit early to jump on the pumpkin bandwagon.  Instead, let’s embrace another fall flavor as we begin September, APPLES! My husband can attest that I eat an apple almost everyday. They are for sure one of my absolute favorites and right now is peak season to …

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Travel Snacks: Gluten Free Cowboy Cookies

If you caught my earlier post today, then you already know we’re talking about travel snacks!  Being gluten free doesn’t often lend itself to a lot of choices when traveling, so I (Lauren) like to make my own.  This next snack is one I actually crave regularly and literally turns me into a cookie monster. Cowboy Cookies were introduced to me by my mother-in-law who would send fresh batches to Chase and I when we lived in Virginia. Those packages were always my favorite.  I have tweaked her recipe just a bit. But, here’s the …

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