Big Sur

On The Road // Big Sur

I’m not sure if I was born with a case of wanderlust or if I’ve acquired my jet setting addiction in adulthood, but my travel bucket list is a serious mile long.  With the third trimester upon us and a few extra days of holiday break to spare, Aaron and I decided to cross one of our destinations off that list last week with a road trip to Big Sur.  It was so incredible!  Like up-there-with-one-of-our-favorite-trips-ever incredible… We started in Los Angeles, stopped in Carpinteria for lunch with friends, and made it to …

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Big Sur Bound + The Year To Come

If you happened to catch this post, then you know that Big Sur has been on my list of dream destinations for some time now.  It’s just a five hour drive from us– practically in our own backyard– so it’s a wonder that we haven’t made it there yet!  With the clock ticking down to this baby girl’s due date, we thought we would squeeze in one last road trip, just the two of us this weekend.  I am really looking forward to relaxing in the woods, taking in the scenery and reflecting on this year to come… …

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Weekend In Big Sur

There is something about the fall that lends itself to the weekend trip. Summer is for the week long getaway or month of hiatus spent in the country, but a fall weekend is the perfect excuse to get away for a quick 48 hours and recharge before another busy week begins. If you read Monday’s post, then you know I have been daydreaming about heading up the coast and into cooler temperatures for a few days. The location of my daydreams? Big Sur, California. Our weekend itinerary… Friday // Check into Lucia Lodge (photo above), a …

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