The Two Minute Morning Routine that Will Change Your Life

Whether you begin your day at your leisure or wake to the sound of a baby crying or alarm clock beckoning, there’s a super easy way to jump start your productivity, lower your stress, and give you a sense of accomplishment at the start of your day.  It’s not trendy.  In fact, my mom begin persuading us of it’s advantages at a young age.  It’s making your bed and you might just be surprised how beneficial science has found this simple task to be.  Plus, it takes the time equivalent of a few scrolls and double clicks …

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Shannon’s Vintage Whimsical Shared Girls Room

My dreams of a shared girls room began long before I bit into that cupcake with saturated pink center.  As soon as we began talking about baby #2, I secretly hoped that there was another girl in our future and that P would have a sister.  While we aren’t yet ready to transition them into the same room, there are two beds being delivered this weekend for Parker’s room.  The hope is that one day there will be whispering and giggling happening between those two beds, that I will have to holler up the stairs, “You two go to …

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Our Austin Casa || Master Bedroom Design

It was never our intention when building this house to end up needing all new furniture, but that’s kind of where we are at now.  (Actually where we are at right now is in a rental that has no sofa, nightstands, or dresser because we’ve been selling all of our existing furniture.  I’ve got like 10 people wanting to buy our tv but I just can’t part with it yet!) Anyways, I’ve digressed.  Little nuances in the floor plan have made some of our existing pieces not so practical for the new space.  For example the …

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Designers Tell All || Christine Turknett of Breathe Design Studio

Hey friends! It’s Sara here, sharing a fun new series I’ve been working on for you guys. See, back when I first chatted with Jen about being the Home Editor for this awesome blog, my biggest goal was to expose the internet world to amazing design and killer designers–beyond just the pages of Pinterest. As a designer, it is really easy for our hard work to get lost in a sea of dizzying images on Instagram, and even though I absolutely adore the likes of Emily Henderson, Nate Berkus and Joanna Gaines, I promise you, there are other …

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