Our Austin Casa || Mid-Century Modern Master Bedroom Reveal

Every room needs a goal, a vision.  Some rooms are harder than others. Our office for example: I spent just about the entire time the house was under construction trying to figure out what that space looked like. Is it an office with a pull-out guest bed or a guest bedroom with a desk in it? Will the kids use it or is it a totally off limits adults-only space?  Our master bedroom did not have that identity crisis. My goal for it has always been for it to be a retreat for us.  A place where we can say peace out to everything that has gone …

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Before and After || Parker’s Bedroom Draperies

Somewhere in the archives here, there is a post that’s nearly writing itself titled 10 ways we splurged on our house and 10 ways we saved.  It’s something we thought about so much as we were building.  Anytime we had a choice to make we had to think about whether that was a space or a feature that was really important to us or if we would rather put the money we could save there somewhere else. (Like, you know, in our bank account.)  The windows fell into the former category.  We designed the house with the hope of having as …

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Our Austin Casa || Parker’s Bedroom Reveal

A little back story on this room: Parker transitioned out of her crib on the early side, right as she turned two. She wasn’t climbing out of her crib yet, but she was screaming to get out of that wooden fortress and begging to sleep on the floor. When I would make her palette beds out of blankets and pillows on the floor, she would sleep great. When I would insist she sleep in her crib, not so much.  Which is how we ended up spontaneously buying an inexpensive toddler bed (which you can see here) just two months before we moved from …

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Our Austin Casa || Parker’s Bedroom Design

To design a house from scratch, it sometimes feels, is to be a fortune teller.  It’s to look into the distant and not-so-distant future and see what you will need from this space. In short, to ask not what you can do for this space, but what this space can do for you.  It’s to imagine the pitter patter of an exact amount of child-sized feet. To visualize how you will do your best work, host your best dinner parties, and entertain your favorite weekend guests. To envision where your kids will sleep, play, and do their homework. …

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