DIY: The Beaded Wall Art Tutorial from Our Bedroom + Other DIY Art Ideas

When we were getting ready to move into our new home, I was consumed with choosing the big pieces like a sofa, chairs, barstools, etc. I majorly underestimated, though, just how much “stuff” it takes to make a room feel finished. For months after we moved in I found myself sourcing vases and vessels, rugs and textiles. It takes so many layers to really make a room feel finished!  As far as filling up our walls, I would rather wait to collect art that I love and gravitate towards rather than buy art that doesn’t feel special …

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Jessica Honegger’s Shared Boy’s Bedroom and Bathroom Reveal

This is the third in our series of room reveals with entrepreneur, Jessica Honegger. You can read all of them here or follow her here! When I found out during my second pregnancy that I was having another girl, visions of a shared room danced in my head. Two years later, that vision has since to be realized because, well, some things are easier dreamed than done. When I talk to other moms whose kids share a room, there is a common thread of strategic design that runs through all of them. Double the kids plus double the stuff can sometimes be …

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Master Bedroom Update: A Meaningful Gallery Wall

(This post is sponsored by Framed and Matted, the most custom and most professional way to frame your photos and artwork. We had the best experience with them and can’t recommend them enough!) When we were building our home here in Austin, I always imagined that the day we got the keys would be the day we were done or at least very, very close. A couple months after move-in day, one of my dream publications reached out about publishing our home. It was an instant thrill, but as I sat at our dining room table and looked around I knew it …

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How to Design Your Bedroom for a Better Night’s Sleep

(This post is sponsored by Casper and the new Wave mattress.)  My closest friends regularly give me a hard time for my love of a good eight hour night’s sleep, but all joking aside, I know I do my best work and best momming when my tank is full and for me that means a good nights sleep. (I may not be the friend who is going to dance with you at the bar until the wee hours, but I will be the friend who will meet you for coffee after preschool drop-off or volunteer enthusiastically to watch your kiddo so that you can get a hair cut.) With a …

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