Vibrant Vignettes // Bright Bedroom

If you’ve ever been over to my place, you know that you won’t find tons of bright colors splashed about.  I tend to live in neutrals with lots of mixed textures and smaller pops of color.  However, this bedroom and it’s vibrant personality called my name the minute I saw it!  While the rug is color overload at it’s best, the sophistication and mix of neutral tones throughout the room keep it at bay.  I could seriously cozy up in the space– and not just because I’m currently sleep deprived =)  Get the …

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Bedroom Update // Tufted Headboards

When we first bought our house, the one thing Aaron and I agreed we had to do was buy a king-size bed.  If buying a house is one of the most grown-up things you can do then we definitely deserved a grown-up size bed to go with it!  We knew we wanted a tufted headboard, but I had no idea there would be so many to choose from.  I love the one we finally landed on and can see us having it for years and years to come.  (Although the amount of hours we get to actually sleep in it will soon be dwindling!)  Ready for a little spring bedroom …

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Vibrant Vignettes // Bright + Poppy Bedroom

I really do love this time of year.  Even though I’m going on my 11th straight day of work today, there is something about an impending new year that has me head swirling with ideas and possibilities about the future.  Last night I finished the last of my Christmas shopping and painted the first sample colors onto what will be this baby girl’s future bedroom.  I can hardly wait to start picking out furniture!  While my twenty nine year old self is writing this from a bed filled of layers of white linen mounted to an oatmeal …

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Stylishly Tailored

We (Caitlin & Caitlin) love new clothes as much as the next garment groupie, but what we love even more is when they fit like a glove. (We also love gloves, but that’s another topic.) Tailoring is considered a must when suits, gowns, and the perfect pair of jeans are involved, but not everyone thinks about tailoring when selecting window treatments, sofa upholstery, and the perfect bed dressing.  We study interiors the way a sartorialist studies clothes. Is that sofa too large, too small for that room, that arrangement? Does the …

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