Topsy Tail Pigtails Hair Tutorial

This Hair Tutorial is so easy to follow,  if you can put your hair in pigtails, you can do these topsy tail pigtails. It’s a fun, cute style that takes me back to my school days. If you’re feeling advanced, stick some flowers in it in the end! Do you remember the topsy tail?  It was quite the craze during my middle school years and a mother’s dream since all you had to do was simply separate the hair immediately above a simple ponytail and tuck the ponytail up and through it creating a roll of hair on either side.  I thought …

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Wonder Woman Braid Tutorial

Did you catch Wonder Woman this summer?  I did and I laughed, I cried, and was all kinds of envious of all of those luscious locks and thick braids they were rocking! (The movie actually ignited a bit of controversy here in Austin when the mayor received this letter.)  I left the theatre and immediately texted Mel that it was time for another braid tutorial.  (Mel is the stylist extraordinaire who created this braid for us earlier this summer.)  My hair would be categorized as fine to normal and not super thick, so I was shocked that she …

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Mermaid Braid Hair Tutorial

You’ve probably been hearing all about the mermaid braid! Here we will tell you how to do it, what to wear it with and more! Keep reading for the full mermaid braid hair tutorial. Are you dying over this mermaid braid like we are?!  Here’s the back story:  Back in April, Britt and I were styling a lookbook shoot on what ended up being a very hot day in San Antonio, Texas (where very hot days are, of course, the norm), when Mel Dominguez who was doing the hair on set decided to help a sister out and braid Britt’s hair to …

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The Five Skincare Routines of Some of Our Favorite People

Life in your twenties is pretty grand!  If you’re reading this and you’re a twenty-something, I hope you’re taking full advantage of what this decade has to offer you.  Should you find yourself wanting two pieces of advice from someone now in her thirties on this beautiful Thursday, it is this: Now is the time to take risks, work long hours, and go hard for your career dreams.  You can get your foot in the door, get experience, and make mistakes in a way that is just different when you’re in your thirties and your …

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