How I Do My Eyebrows: A Tutorial for Blonde Eyebrows

A short history on my relationship to my eyebrows goes a little like this: I have really light eyebrows. In the 90s that was great. I could wax them twice a year and no one was the wiser. Anytime I had my makeup professionally done, though, I was always uncomfortable with my eyebrows– probably because I wasn’t even use to seeing them! I would always beeline it for the bathroom and begin smudging the eyebrow makeup to make them less noticeable. As I’ve gotten older and as eyebrows have made a comeback, I’ve learned to …

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The new budget-friendly skincare product I can’t live without

I was at brunch last Sunday with both of my sisters when I discovered that both of them regularly go to sleep without washing their face. What?! I was shocked and felt like we had flashbacked to high school. Is it the oldest child in me that keeps me from being able to hit the sheets with my makeup still intact? To be honest, I actually look forward to my skincare routine. I love how my skin feels afterwards and can see the results of my efforts! Do you have a routine you love? I mentioned on Instagram recently that I was excited to try out …

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10 Best Braid Tutorials to Try Before Summer’s End

  Anyone else obsessed with braids this summer?! Keep reading for the best braid tutorials to try before summer’s end! From braid crowns to topsy tail pigtails and spring vibes to bridal do’s, it’s all here… Last week when we were in San Diego I had a minute to braid all of the girls’ hair. Parker and her friend Greta got matching pigtail braids and Ellie got a combination of french and dutch braids all braided together into one braid.  I really love braiding and wish I had the time to play and do fun …

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How to French Braid: An Easy Step-by-Step Tutorial for A Relaxed French Braid

The French braid is such a classic hairstyle, and once you know how, it’s easy to do it yourself. Learn how to French braid with this step by step tutorial, for an effortless and chic style. The french braid was my ultimate childhood hairstyle. I coveted them when I saw them walking the halls of my elementary school and was privy to them only on occasions such as dance recitals or wedding receptions. My mom didn’t know how to french braid, so she would take me to the local salon on such occasions. A Relaxed French Braid The french …

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