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Beauty Tutorial // All Natural Products for Every Day

Did you know that 70% of everything applied to your skin will be absorbed into your bloodstream within 28 seconds?! I have this wonderful friend who is always teaching me things like this and blowing my mind.  We are really different in a lot of ways– she’s not on social media, like at all, and, hello, it’s kind of my job.  In that way, though, I think we stretch each other.  She is always introducing me to some new idea or study and turning me on to new things.  We were having coffee around this time last year and she …

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Hair Tutorial // The Double-Knotted Pony

Kat (whose hair is featured above) is the story of internships gone right. The proof that when you hustle and make yourself invaluable, your boss will keep you around no matter what. She’s my go-to gal on styling jobs and has been for some time and now she helps out here with editing on the blog as well. She’s also a super talented costume designer and stylist in her own right and, as if that wasn’t enough, she was blessed by the hair gods, so she is now our resident head of hair when we need to do a tutorial. In keeping …

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Hair Tutorial // The Cool Girl Wave

I’m a firm believer that the best blog posts begin with a big confession, so here goes:  You know how sometimes all of a sudden I go for weeks at a time where I only wear my hair wavy?  Well, it’s because it’s super grown out and I haven’t had time to get it cut, so it just looks tremendously awful any other way.  That’s why I make it messy and wavy beyond belief and hope you don’t notice.  Some of you, though, have actually asked in the past for a tutorial on that messy, wavy ‘do, so when Living …

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