Jessica Honegger’s Moroccan-Inspired Bathroom Reveal

If you’ve ever finished a renovation of your own, then you know just what a labor of love it is. We have so enjoyed revealing the update that Joe and Jessica Honegger did recently here in Austin and are excited to continue today with their Moroccan-Inspired Bathroom! I was so thrilled that you guys loved the reveal of Jessica’s pool room just as much as I did. I truly believe that to end up with a space that you love, you have to go with your gut and choose the things that make you happy, even when they aren’t the trendiest …

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Lauren and Chase’s Master Bathroom Remodel Reveal

Before we jump into shower heads, tile selections and all things master bathroom remodel, I (Lauren) feel some background is necessary. In November, Chase and I bought our second fixer upper home (Yes, we may in fact be crazy). You can see a tour of our first home here. After quite a few months of casually house shopping, a 1970’s house in a great location came up and we couldn’t not go for it. It just had too much potential. And in Austin the process of buying a home goes a little something like this: a house lists on Friday, you see it …

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Our Bathroom Giveaway Reveal Complete with the Budget and Before + After

(A special thanks to Delta Faucet, Room & Board, and Fireclay Tile for supply product for this post. They’re three brands that I have throughout my own home and love that we were able to use them in Amanda’s new space as well.) Have you ever had a crazy idea late at night while trying to fall asleep? The impetus of this post was exactly that. I’m a natural night owl, although children and the world at large force me to function as a morning person, so function I do. However, I swear 9:30pm is when I get my best ideas! …

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Amanda’s Bathroom Update: Delta Faucet Reveal

This post is sponsored by Delta®,. A brand we love and use every day in our home. Right before we put our house on the market in Los Angeles, to prepare for our move to Austin, we did some much needed work on the house. We repaired stucco and touched up exterior paint. We updated tile in the half bathroom and replaced the dilapidated roof on the garage. They were projects that had seemed so major when we thought about doing them over the nearly five years that we lived there, but when it actually came time to tackle them, they weren’t that …

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