Back To School

We asked 20 Kids What They Wanted in Their Lunch Boxes and This is What They Said

Today is Parker’s first day of Kindergarten. First. Day. of. Kindergarten. I have this vivid memory of me pushing her in a stroller around our old neighborhood in LA when she was about this age and thinking, “I wonder what we will do about schools…?” which was quickly followed by the thought that it was sooooooo far away. Yet here we are. Gone are the mornings of letting her sleep in, leisurely taking breakfast in our pajamas followed by slow time on the front porch searching for rollie pollies. Nope, this morning we …

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All the Best Backpacks, Lunch Boxes, and Water Bottles for Back to School

It’s sort of a point of contention that I didn’t cry at our wedding. We laugh now, but I’m definitely not historically the most sensitive one in our relationship. That said, I cried at Target this weekend. No I didn’t weep hysterically, but big crocodile tears welled up when I rounded the corner from dry goods to school supplies and spotted a sign that read ‘College Essentials’. Today it’s Kindergarten, tomorrow it’s college. At least that’s what my brain translated to my vulnerable mother …

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