Baby Talk

Real Talk with Real Moms // Sleep

Is it just me or is a ‘good sleeper’ the holy grail of babies?  You can hope for a boy or girl, a head of hair or your husband’s dimples, but if we’re being totally honest here we’d likely trade it all for that urban legend of a baby who comes home from the hospital doing 12 hour stretches through the night.  (Has anyone actually met this baby?!) I remember when Parker was a few months old, I would be up in the middle of the night texting my friends from Mommy & Me to get the skinny on how their babies …

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What I’m Cooking Right Now

When I have the time to do it, I really love cooking.  I find it therapeutic and I really do derive so much satisfaction from being able to put a homemade meal on the table that both Parker and Aaron enjoy.  We’ve been fortunate so far that Parker has a pretty wide variety of things she will eat and having to feed her has made me a lot more conscious of making sure we all get enough fruits and vegetables.  (Her love for fruit knows no bounds!  Current obsession: plums!)  I’m always on the hunt for new recipe ideas that …

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Baby Talk // Everyday Indulgences

Everyone says motherhood changes your life… and they’re right.  Getting out of the house now is like an obstacle course of mental checklists and bouncing from room to room with her on my hip, gathering our necessities.  We spend twice as much time as the farmer’s market because of Parker’s meandering pace and desire to try all of the samples!  I take shorter showers, spend less time fixing my hair, and no longer get to sleep in just because we stayed out too late with friends.  I squeeze more work into less hours …

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A Slice of Life // Parker at 9 Months

December’s hustle and bustle has managed to creep it’s way into early January.  I was in San Francisco last week for a really fun project that I should be able to share next month. This week is chock full of shoots for The Hollywood Reporter, a fun winter wardrobe collab with Kelly, and style shooting with Mary.  (Any trends you’re super into right now?) In the midst of all of this craziness, it seems like it might be time for a little update.  Speaking of updates, as you might know, we’ve been making small updates …

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