A Change of Scenery + Ruffle Tops

Do you ever feel like you need a change of scenery? When Ever gets fussy in the late afternoon / evening, sometimes all it takes to turn that frown upside down is a simple change of geography.  The front yard might be just ten feet from our living room, but as she lays there on her gingham blanket and stares of at the tree limbs shaking their fall foliage, she looks like her whole world has been transformed.  I was thinking about this in amazement last week– how a simple change of scenery could change her mood in such a major way and …

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A Day at The Blanton Museum || White Space

Have I ever told you the story of how Aaron and I started dating?  It’s lengthy and I won’t get into the details here, but at one point when I was playing hard to get– responding to texts in one word answers and the like– Aaron offered me a ride to LAX and to borrow his new camera for my upcoming trip to Oregon.  The camera was intriguing, but a ride to LAX was solid gold in the pre-Uber summer of 2008.  I spent the day working, running around from showroom to showroom and studio department to studio department …

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A Video Love Song for Austin

It’s crazy to me that we have already been back here in Austin for over a year now.  Even though it’s such a big life transition to move halfway across the country after putting down ten years worth of roots, it’s actually felt really seamless and not at all that crazy or overwhelming– despite the fact that we will have moved three times in less than 18 months by the time we are in our new place (that we have been working on since last June) and also getting pregnant with baby #2 late last fall.  Our plates are …

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An Unscheduled Saturday at Lady Bird Lake with Keen

Before we left for Stockholm, I was finishing up work late one night and found myself hopping from site to site, blog to blog, half unwinding and half catching up with friends. I stumbled on a post about family values or rather identifying what it is that your family values and how you make decisions based on those characteristics. There was a graphic that I promptly dragged and dropped to my desktop that had three columns worth of adjectives that you could choose from or use to get you started in choosing what best described your …

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