My 10 Favorite Things to do in Austin with Kids

Whether you are visiting Austin or live here and are looking for more things to do with your kids in the city, this post is for you! There’s so many things you can do in Austin with kids, from Museums to parks to the zoo! These places are perfect for a day out in Austin with your family. Freckles and tan lines, fingers sticky from melted popsicle remnants, the smell of chlorine wafting through the air. The signs of summer are far from subtle.  Since school let out a couple of weeks ago, we’ve been taking advantage of more …

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My Style || Linen, Denim, and Hank’s

The kids are out of school, the temperatures are through the roof (triple digits already!), and life seems to be taking on a somewhat slower pace. It’s summertime in Austin for sure which means there’s never been a better time to grab a friend and head to your favorite watering hole.  Lately for me that’s translated to Hank’s on the eastside– home of the most affordable happy hour and best kids menu, hands down.  The interior design was done by Claire Zinnecker so it naturally has this effortless, scandi meets …

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My Style || Ellsworth Kelly’s Austin

Not everything is quantifiable. In fact, the best things aren’t at all.  There are no analytics for joy and no unit of measure for overwhelming content or happiness.  You can’t rationalize or objectify a gut feeling.  There’s an episode of Sex and the City titled Twenty-Something Girls vs. Thirty-Something Women.  I wasn’t even able to drive when the episode first aired, but by the time I caught it in syndication on TBS I qualified as the former.  In my twenties, I said yes to everything.  I went after every …

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My 10 Favorite Restaurants for a Lunch Meeting in Austin

Whether you are visiting the city or looking for a new place, my favorite restaurants in Austin for lunch guide will have something for you! Whether you are looking for somewhere quiet, chic or simply want wi-fi, these restaurants are perfect for you. Oh and of course, the food is amazing! The weather is warm, the trees are sprouting leaves, and all major airlines have doubled their service into Austin for the next week which can mean only one thing: SXSW is upon us!  The next few days on my calendar are a mix of parties, speaking …

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