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Our 11 Favorite Breakfast Tacos in Austin

When I first moved to Los Angeles in 2006, I was constantly walking into Mexican restaurants and asking for breakfast tacos.  Here in Austin it’s near a dietary staple, but there people looked at me like I had just tried to order prescription medication.  Breakfast burritos abound, but a taco? You’re out of luck.  Here’s why tacos are so much better than burritos: Instead of big bites of tortilla at either end with sloppy goops of filling in between, you get perfectly proportioned bites of everything inside.  You …

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Gourdough’s Donuts || The New Jean Jacket

The good news is we are almost done unpacking boxes at long last, with just a few stragglers remain. It has been kind of like a second Christmas to open up boxes of things that I haven’t seen in almost eight months– sweaters, bags, shoes, ceramic coffee mugs.  At the same time it begs the question: If I haven’t had any need for it in eight months, do I really need it?  The main goal has been just getting everything unboxed and through the dishwasher or washing machine or dry cleaner, but once those last few boxes are …

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