Our Austin Casa || A Dining Room Refresh

Just when I thought it wasn’t possible to love a room more, we went and refreshed it! Remember when we first put together our dining room in our rental last spring?  (You can see the full post here.)  I loved it!  We were fortunate because the room was about the same size as our current dining room that we moved into in December, so we knew whatever we did there we could just move into our new space.  Once we moved, we made a few tweaks—we loved the light fixture in our place, so we moved the lamp to the office and swapped out the rug …

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Vibrant Vignette // Vintage Modern

My interior style has always been an eclectic mix.  I like to find pieces that I am totally over the moon for and then find ways to tie them into the room, rather than just sticking to one style.  If you glanced around around house, you would notice a modern linen sectional, a rustic dining room table surrounded by six different french country chairs, a few more glamorous mirrored pieces, and some distinctly mid-century conversation chairs.  Somehow, though, it all comes together and feels very much like the two people that live here. …

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5 Under $25 / Pretty Prints

Does anybody else suffer from empty wall syndrome?  We are having our house photographed for a popular shelter site next month, so I am currently on a mission to cure our wall art woes!  Art can be pricey, though, so it’s nice to mix big statement pieces in with smaller ones from lesser known, but equally talented artists.  These 5 prints would make the perfect addition to a gallery wall or could stand along nicely in their own small nook.  Either way, they add a ton of pizazz to a once bare wall!  Which one is your favorite? ONE / …

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State of the Art

Alright,  ladies and gentlemen, consider this is the question and answer portion of the blog.  I have some bare walls that need some serious attention, but I’m having such a hard time settling on the right piece of art.  There is something about putting that nail in the wall that feels so permanent!  Im dying to know, where do you go to purchase art?  How do you choose? We’re looking for a piece now that needs to be at least 4 feet by 4 feet square  for our living room.  Due to the size, it is destined to be a statement …

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