Beyond the Dinner Reservation: 10 Ideas for a Great Date

Don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against the dinner date.  My list of restaurants that I want to try in this delicious-food-laden city is constantly growing faster than my ability to make and keep a reservation.  Some of my favorite times with Aaron have, in fact, taken place, in a well-recommended restaurant over heavenly small bites and exquisite entrees– but not all of them.  No, some of them happen in less romantic and more impromptu settings.  I’m sharing a handful of my favorite dates and a few others you can try …

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Spend Money to Save Time or Spend Time to Save Money?

I was at a birthday lunch last week with nine other women– all of them moms.  The conversation started, as conversations between moms often do, with childcare– preschool hours, the recent school closures for ice, elementary school carpools, nannies, and the like.  Then something else came up.  People began discussing other things they were considering hiring like someone to help with meal prep, someone to run weekend errands, a housekeeper to come more frequently.  It’s something I’ve been thinking about since.  …

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5 Ways to Jumpstart your Healing and Move on After a Break Up

(This post, 5 Ways to Jumpstart your Healing and Move on After a Break Up’ is written by our dear friend and resident photographer Katie Jameson.  After walking through this break up with her, and experiencing how gracefully and intentionally she handled such a painful experience, I knew she had to share it.  If you know anyone going through this right now, maybe just pop it in their inbox– a gift from you to them.) Surely, this is just a really bad dream, right? Was our relationship not worth fighting for? Was I not worth …

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The Two Minute Morning Routine that Will Change Your Life

Whether you begin your day at your leisure or wake to the sound of a baby crying or alarm clock beckoning, there’s a super easy way to jump start your productivity, lower your stress, and give you a sense of accomplishment at the start of your day.  It’s not trendy.  In fact, my mom begin persuading us of it’s advantages at a young age.  It’s making your bed and you might just be surprised how beneficial science has found this simple task to be.  Plus, it takes the time equivalent of a few scrolls and double clicks …

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