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5 Apps for Holiday Gift Guides

As much as I (Blair) love exchanging gifts with friends and family over the holidays, I always have the hardest time choosing a special something for the people who mean so much to me! Whether it’s a present that feels too similar to something they already have, not in my price range, or just not personal enough, I’m always finding burdens in the way of my gift giving. Thank goodness there are apps now to do the brainstorming for you! Without further ado, I introduce to you, 5 apps to make this holiday season’s shopping a …

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5 Apps For Getting Dressed with No Stress

There are many things that I (Blair) daydream about and having a massive closet like Cher from Clueless is definitely on the top of the list. Not only would my mornings go a lot smoother, I wouldn’t have to worry about re-wearing the same thing while seeing the same crowd of people. On top of that, wearing sweaters in the humidity or shorts in the crisp of fall wouldn’t be an issue! I introduce to you, 5 of my favorite friends that stick by me and help me get dressed even on those moody Monday mornings… Pose {free} My lovely …

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5 Apps For… Cutting Down Costs

My name is Blair and I have ever so willingly joined the coupon craze. Some of you guys out there are embarrassed to admit you have turned into sale shoppers, but not I! Hey, I am a post-grad living in an expensive city and you gotta do, what you gotta do! If I still want to be able to afford my acai bowl + latte obsession every morning, I have to cut back in other areas of my life. Download these 5 apps if you want to jump on the saving the big bucks bandwagon with me… Happy Hour Finder – {free} During the week, I usually get …

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5 Apps For Finding a Place to Live

As much as finding a new place to live can be a total pain, I (Blair) have some good news for you.  There are so many great & free apps that make things a lot easier now. While we would all love to move into a place where we are surrounded by FRIENDS, I have to constantly remind myself that that was not real life, but a sitcom. Even though everyone dreads the moving out day, these helpful heroes will make sure you won’t be living on the streets anytime soon! Apartment List {free} I may be a bit biased because my buddy works for the …

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