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Cool Hunting || The Summer Sack Dress

There’s a lot to love about summer, but then there’s also the heat and humidity.  I’m writing this from a cool 80 degrees in Los Angeles, while mentally preparing for my first Texas summer in a decade.  (When we got married in Austin six years ago, one of our born and bred California friends remarked that humidity, “kind of feels like drowning on dry land”.)  These dresses aren’t exactly sack dresses per se, but they are most definitely the “don’t touch me ” sort of dresses which means …

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The Best of 2016 Summer Sandal Trends

Nothing makes shoe shopping sound more affordable than house shopping.  What’s a new pair of sandals compared to that last 3 bedroom place we just looked at?! I’m actually really into this summer’s shoe trends, so not stocking up on half a dozen sandals over the next three months is going to be a real challenge.  (I bought these while creating this post.)  This season’s sandal trends can be broken up into three categories: the glam lace up, the minimalist slide, and the boho platform (or even better, flatform!). …

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The Best of Maternity Dresses

This post should probably begin with the disclaimer that, no, I am not currently in need of one of these stylish dresses.  This is not a not-so-subtle way of announcing baby number two, but rather a response to my growing number of friends who are currently growing babies in their bellies.  Suffice it to say that I have not enough fingers to count them all at this moment!  As we slowly ease into these warmer months, maternity dressing could not be more simple– stock up on a few key dresses that you love and accessorize them in your …

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The Best Tee Shirt Round Up

The tee shirt is at the heart of any well-stocked wardrobe.  Whether you would describe your style as preppy, edgy, bohemian, or any number of other adjectives, it’s likely that there is a tee involved somewhere.  I love them for their ability to make any look appear like it’s not trying too hard– effortlessly chic, but they’re also extremely practical and versatile.  In fact, a t-shirt layered over a nursing tank (sexy, I know) was my go to look when I was still nursing Parker.  Wear it tucked into a pencil skirt …

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