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10 Cool Girl Ways to Wear Plaid this Fall

There are certain fabrics and patterns out there that are reminiscent of specific seasons for me. For instance, velvet immediately transports me to Christmas parties and eggnog. Gingham has me seeing fireworks and popsicles on the Fourth of July. The memories that tie themselves to the sensory experiences of these fabrics make them feel timeless and precious. The pattern I associate with fall will always be plaid. This print reminds me of my dad making turkey in the same flannel every Thanksgiving. It’s the memory of picking out pumpkins at …

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10 Ways to Wear a Leather Jacket This Fall

This weekend was the first weekend in the last six months that I’ve walked or biked to social outings, in the middle of the day, without needing an immediate shower… It’s FINALLY jacket time in Austin! Texas weather tends to jump from 95 degrees to high 40s at a moment’s notice this time of year, leaving those of us who don’t check our weather app the second we wake to pull our sweaters out of storage in a frenzy before leaving the house for work. It gets confusing when it creeps back into the high 80s a day later, but we’ll take …

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10 Chic Hairstyles to Consider for Fall

Fall is the time I hit the re-start button on my wardrobe, routines, and work-life balance. I always want to turn a fresh page at the end of summer and wipe away the sweat and laziness that linger with summer relaxation. I’m anxious to take action and make my next move! My go-to  way to get the wheels turning is to adjust my hair and beauty routine—something that’s just enough for me to notice a refreshing lift in my life and feel a sense of experimentation and adventure. It’s a feeling of bravery, this forced change of habit. Taking …

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10 Ways To Wear The Button Down Shirt

The button down shirt has been a dress code staple throughout history. Its effortless ability to create an aesthetic statement for someone goes unmatched. Try and name one person you know that does not own at least one button down shirt… It is without a doubt an ESSENTIAL piece in the wardrobe! My favorite part about the button down is its versatility factor. Easiest top to throw on with jeans? A button down. Best workwear go-to? A button down. Favorite day to night top? A button down.  Fashion is currently taking the button down to a …

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