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This week at the beach, while basking in the glow of the warm summer sunshine, I found myself paying extra close attention to my skin.  Was I wearing enough SPF?  Should I be exfoliating?  Luckily I did my homework before I left town.  I didn’t want to read a novel so I emailed my good friend and celebrity make up artist, Elizabeth Ulloa, to give me a quick regimen.  Since my skin is extra glowing this week, I thought I would pass along her 5 easy tips for summer skin prep.  They are all things we have heard before, but a great reminder and checklist during these sultry summer months!

#1. Exfoliate – The most important thing to do first is to get rid of dry, yucky skin.

#2. Moisturize- After exfoliation, hydration is key!

#3. Sunscreen – Daily application is a must! Apply at least an SPF of 25 to the face and an SPF of 45 to the body. It is essential to do this in order to protect the skin from free radical damage. Be sure to apply often.

#4. Self-Tanners – Be open to experimenting with self-tanners for a summer glow without the risk of sun exposure.

#5.  Foot Treatments – Don’t forget your tootsies! Exfoliate and moisturize the dry, rough skin on your feet to prepare for your favorite summer sandals.

** Elizabeth just recently launched her beauty blog, Smart Chic Beautiful, where she shares all of her tricks of the trade!**


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  1. Helpful tips before we head out on vacation! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  2. hello lady jen – need ur help on an issue i’ve been having regarding shoes. hopefully others will benefit as well. there is a HUGE hole in the market place for summer shoes that A. have support B. are not sandals C. you don’t need to wear socks with. let me expand. i’m on the search for the perfect/stylish walk around all day shoes, let’s call them Disneyland shoes. Shoes that you can wear to schlepp around various outdoor flea markets, festivals, disneyland etc..ALL day. In summer there is a need to keep your feel cool, avoid socks, yet not have your feet exposed as to end up being filthy by the day’s end, and not cause blisters by sweat from no socks. TOM’s – meets some of the requirements, but offer no support. VAN’s – same problem, no support. Crocs – are better on support & breathability, but those are just ugly. Anyhow – i’ve resorted to some van’s with inserts put in (yes i’m old) but i still tend to get blister & my feet get crazy hot. either way, wondering if you have any suggestions at all. my feet will thank you.

  3. Jessica


    I’ve been using a brightening cleanser from Apothederm and it’s been working wonders on my skin this summer!

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