Summer Capsule Wardrobe || Toddler Girls

It’s about this time every summer that I find myself wishing away the days in the hope that fall will come sooner. (Which, of course, it doesn’t.)  This year will be different, though.  I decided that this morning when I cracked open my computer at 5:30am and found that it said August 1st.  This year I will spend August not complaining about the heat or planning my fall wardrobe additions, but rather drinking all of the rosé, wearing all of the midi skirts, and even enjoying that tingling feeling my skin gets when I first get into a hot car.  I will relish the way Parker’s little skinny toddler legs look in her summer shorts and the way she always picks out a pair of sunglasses for each outfit. Rightly, so.  The sun here is blazing, but as long as it’s still August we will be celebrating the long, hot days of summer!  How about you?!  In case you’re in the market to do a little summer sale shopping, here are 10 of our favorite summer capsule wardrobe pieces for toddler girls that you can mix and match as long as the summer sun keeps shining.  (If you’re interested in our summer capsule wardrobe for toddler boys, check it out here!)  Also, how’s this to set the mood for your Monday:
toddler-girls-capsule-wardrobe-1 toddler-girls-capsule-wardrobe-2 toddler-girls-capsule-wardrobe-3 toddler-girls-capsule-wardrobe-4 toddler-girls-capsule-wardrobe-5 toddler-girls-capsule-wardrobe-6 toddler-girls-capsule-wardrobe-7 toddler-girls-capsule-wardrobe-8 toddler-girls-capsule-wardrobe-9 toddler-girls-capsule-wardrobe-10

Gingham Dress || Plaid Shorts || Striped Shorts || Polka Dot Shorts || Saltwater Sandals || Pink Tank || Radish Tank || Striped Tee || White Blouse || Denim Vest || Green Cardigan

Photography by Emily Morgan

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