Summer Capsule Wardrobe // Look 6


This is one of those looks I would have never thought to put together except that this silky top and these denim shorts happen to be in the same capsule wardrobe.  This top isn’t a staple in my closet by any means, but I included it because I felt like my capsule needed a few more dressy tops.  The chambray shirt may seem superfluous to the look but it’s actually a totally practical mom move.  It’s the barrier between my toddler’s dirty fingers and my white dry clean only shirt and so far it has worked like a charm!  So here is a question for you that’s a little off-subject…


Would you be interested in hiring a stylist to do e-styling or create an e-capsule wardrobe for you, all digitally over email?  I get a lot of personal style inquiries, but don’t typically do personal shopping jobs because they’re just not that scalable.  It takes a lot of time to pull, fit and return for someone and a lot of people just don’t have the budget for that.  However, if you could email a stylist with an issue like say, “I’m looking for more high-rise shorts that have at least a 3″ inseam.” or “I want someone to create a fall capsule wardrobe for me, using mostly things I already own and maybe some suggestions for new ones to incorporate.” Would you?


Top, Nordstrom / Shorts, Madewell / Shirt, Urban Outfitters (Similar) / Shoes, Robert Clergerie / Hat, Target / Bag, Apolis / Ring, Anthropologie

Photography by Mary Costa

  1. I think the e-styling is a GREAT idea. I’ve been working on my capsule wardrobe and could really use some help. Like you I don’t want a lot of stuff anymore but want to look good. Again, great idea!

  2. Yes I would love it Jen but right now I am enjoying the capsule wardrobe series on your blog….another fave of mines and love the shoes(as always great legs Jen)xx

  3. Kristyn


    I would love an option to have a stylist pull some ideas for me! It can be so overwhelming shopping for what you ‘need.’

  4. Bianca


    I think it’s a fantastic idea! I don’t have a lot of time to shop, and it would be great if I could get help with a capsule wardrobe, based on my lifestyle and budget. Love this look!

  5. Yes, I would love it! I tried Stitch Fix but just didn’t find they were super tuned into what I said I wanted/was looking for – and I have no problem buying on my own once I have a recommendation. Would be great!

  6. I love the idea of an e-stylist to answer specific questions. For me the problems tend to be around making an outfit look finished. I have jewelry and scarves and fun shoes and all the right “sorts” of layering pieces, but I just end up feeling weighed down and bothered by my clothes so stop trying to actually have great finished outfits and instead go for good enough.

  7. Yasemin


    I think the website “style me perfect” does what you are referring to?

  8. Katie H.


    This might be my favorite outfit from your summer capsule thus far! To answer your question, I would love the option to hire you as an e-stylist (specifically to create a capsule wardrobe), but I would want to better understand the cost. Regardless, I don’t think you’d have any shortage of customers if this is something you’d like to offer!