Summer Capsule Wardrobe // Look 5


Those of you that are married or are in long term relationships will totally get this and those of you that aren’t, well, just remember this when you’re choosing and choose wisely.  Husbands are like icebergs.  When I was 26 years old there was only so much I could possibly know about the person I was committing to spend the rest of my life with, the rest was just a mystery. I knew he had good hair and that we made good travel companions.  Check. Check.  I knew that he always made his bed in the morning which was a really good thing because I can kind of be hit or miss with that one.  I also knew that he had a lot of airline miles and I had a lot of destinations on my bucket list, so, you know, match made in heaven!  However, in that 96 degree moment in Austin, Texas when I said “I do” as our guests were sweating profusely behind us, I had no idea what a remarkable dad he would be some day.  While I always get a real bad case of mom guilt when I’m on set for long hours, the past two weeks were remedied by knowing that P was with her dad and having the time of her life.  In the last week she has been to the zoo at least three times, the Long Beach Aquarium, LACMA, and is now a proud pass holder at KidsSpace.  She has had play dates with at least half a dozen different friends and dined better than I have most days.  Since this week is the prelude to Father’s Day and I’m up writing this at 10:15 on Sunday night, it just seemed like the right time to say, “Aaron, you’re awesome.”  But, I mean, about this outfit… !


Remember how in my last outfit post I talked about a couple of pieces that are in my capsule wardrobe that I haven’t even worn yet in my four weeks of capsuling?  The pieces in this outfit are the exact opposite!  They are bonafide closet staples, I tell you.  I wear them each multiple times a week in different ways and love them oh so much!  Sorry for the lag in posts last week– being on set and all that jazz.  Lots more to come this week!


Necklace, Noonday // Skirt, J.Crew // Clutch, Clare Vivier // Tee, Madewell // Shoes, Anthropologie // Ring, Anthropologie // Bracelet, Vintage

Photography by Mary Costa

  1. Love the color pop/stripe combo–so summery!

  2. rachel


    fab fab! lovely words about hubby …

  3. Great posts and yes to skirt….I mean just looking at this skirt will make me feel and act brand new each time I wear lol…great blog Jen and beautiful family xx

  4. Love your bright colored top!


  5. I took your picture to a hair salon because I worship your hair, and unfortunately the hair dresser gave my thick hair a lot of layers and texturing, and now I wake up every morning looking like a cockatoo. Any thoughts on products or techniques to make it lay down more?

    • Jen Pinkston


      Teri, I sent your comment to my hair stylist. Are you here in LA? She would like to try and fix it if you are! Otherwise, email me a picture and I will get her opinion 🙂

  6. Totally cute skirt.