Summer Capsule Wardrobe // Look 2


One thing I’m learning through this capsule wardrobe experiment is that simple is not synonymous with boring, but instead it can be beautiful and fun and creative in it’s own way.  I’ve had a couple of moments of panic since starting out on this 36 piece wardrobe journey.  I’ll get an invitation to something or an important meeting will come up and I will immediately think, “Oh I might have to pull something different out.”  And to be honest, I might have done exactly that except that I’ve published this experiment here and I feel like I really need to be true to it.  In each of those instances, though, I’ve managed to get dressed and love what I’m wearing, all without straying from these 36 pieces.  Which means, that this idea of needing more and different constantly to feel good about what I’m wearing is totally false.  So today’s outfit couldn’t be more simple and I love it!  Red tee, white jeans, block heels and a couple minimal accessories. (Plus, red heart sunnies… of course!)  Have any of you tried capsule wardrobing recently?  Did you have moments where you felt like you just couldn’t make the pieces work for the occasion?  Hope all of your weeks are going swimmingly!

The_Effortless_Chic_Summer_Capsule_Wardrobe_2 The_Effortless_Chic_Summer_Capsule_Wardrobe_3

Photography by Mary Costa

  1. Rachel


    great look Jen. I guess the accountability of the blog could feel like pressure, but it does encourage everyone, if you can do it so can we! My biggest happy moment was my ironing pile this Saturday!! If i didn’t do the 2 month rotation I’d start to worry about wearing my best pieces out but for two months it’s fine, and I’ve used things i normally have in my holiday wear bag, the weather in England has been so good… I wore my maxi beach dress to the supermarket and felt fab!

  2. Red haute….loving it Jen xx