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If this post wasn’t part of our capsule wardrobe series and thus titled accordingly, I would have titled this post more appropriately, “5 wardrobe mistakes I make as a wardrobe stylist”.  True story.  When I’m working, I eyeball every look before it goes on set with excruciating detail, but in my own life I’m much more laidback, sometimes to a fault.  When I opened up these images to put together this post, my very first thought was, “Why have I not taken these jeans to get hemmed yet?!”.  A skinny pant should really never have a break or the excess fabric that these jeans do, as you can see in the last photo.  This would drive me absolutely mad if I was working and a pair looked like this, but for some reason in real life I give myself a pass.  Want to know the other every day 4 wardrobe faux pas I make from time to time?


1. Hem your pants // For starters, if your pants need a hem, get it done.  It makes such a big difference and I promise I will heed my own advice and get these to the tailor stat!  (Also, I’ve been shopping from Anthropologie’s petite line for my next capsule wardrobe and loving how everything fits perfectly!)  You don’t need a master tailor to do a hem.  Your neighborhood dry cleaner can likely get the job done on the cheap.  Save that master tailor for dressier looks (especially jackets and suiting) and things that need to be taken in or let out.

2. Putting way too much in the dryer //  I recommend hang drying all of your denim and even cotton tees like this one to all of my clients, but I hate how they sometimes feel stiff so 9 times out of 10 I toss them in the dryer without a second thought.   It really does shorten the life line of clothes and there’s almost always going to be some shrinkage, even if they tell you it’s pre-shrunk.  Cellulosic fibers shrink under heat.  It’s just science.

3. Under-accessorizing //  I mentioned in this post that after Parker was born I really didn’t wear a lot of jewelry.  I was always afraid it was going to get snagged on her delicate baby skin.  Somehow it became a habit, though, and I’m trying to be better about finishing off a look with subtle accessories, even if I’m just running errands.  ( I still love a more minimalist approach to accessories.  A little goes a long way in this department if you ask me.)

4. Shying away from color //  In my work, color rules.  It’s captivating, looks great on camera, and is usually exactly what a client is looking for for their audience.  It adds so much life to a shot!  In my real life I gravitate towards neutrals, which is totally fine, but I would love to have more pops of color to reach for when the opportunity calls.

5. Reaching for the comfortable shoes // This is actually something I have gotten a lot better about in the last 12 months.  In styling you’re on your feet for such long days and running around between store so much, that you really have to think practically about your footwear.  At one point, about a year ago, I looked down and thought “why am I wearing these shoes that really aren’t even in style any more when I could pick up a pair equal in comfort that are way more on trend?”.  (In my defense, they were Lanvin, but they were round ballet flats and that ship has just kind of sailed.)  I am super into block heels that are chunkier and can be worn for 8-10 hours without missing a beat.


Now that I’ve shared my deepest darkest wardrobe secrets, what are yours?

Tee, J.Crew (Sold out, but view my fave graphic tees here!) / Jeans, AG via Anthropologie / Shoes, Coach (Similar) / Bag, Old Navy (Similar)

Photography by Mary Costa

  1. It is nice to know we’re all human!! Especially with alterations….I do my own and still have some things that aren’t done…but hey, who wants to be perfect, right?
    And I love my dryer. I figure I will sacrifice longevity of an item for softness! Except my bras & sweaters!
    ps…so are the white shoes you’re wearing comfy? They are so cute!

    • Jen Pinkston


      Yes, they’re super comfy! I really wish I had a sewing machine and could do my own alterations. Happy weekend to yoU!

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  3. Katie H.


    Great advice – I’m terrible about putting everything in the dryer and regretting it later! I also have a hard time not grabbing the comfortable shoes. Thank goodness I have a mother nearby who sews, so at least my pants are hemmed! 🙂

  4. Rachel


    mine is still jewellery, i stopped wearing dangly earrings after baby 1 got her fingers caught in mine and my ear nearly came off (yuk!) but now she’s 27 so why did i stop??! I’ve also had a couple of tattoos, small and lovely but for some this is a tad common…

  5. Its so interesting you think of those style habits as faux pas! I think those are just habits. I do a lot of the same things, but its because they’re functional choices, and not any kind of mistake. I sometimes feel like I need to wear more color or high heels or jewelry, but it just isn’t me! If you don’t feel like wearing something then that doesn’t mean its wrong, it but means it isn’t your style!


  6. Oh Jen…please don’t talk about me if you see me and think why aren’t her jeans hemmed…doesn’t she follow my blog LoL….I love your look super casual and cute but I find absolutely nothing wrong with your jeans except I don’t have the body that’s wearing them(jealous) but that’s why you’re the stylist and I am not but thanks for the advice and sharing faux pas fashion do’s and don’t s…xx

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