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Do you recall me saying that I’ve been on a major organization spree since the new year began?  It started with this little project and somehow evolved last week into me standing at the wood-cutting counter at Lowe’s asking for assistance.  Our house was built in 1941 and thus has loads of charming little features that pay homage to decades past.  In our laundry room there’s a built in cabinet that houses an ironing board (two, actually– one just for sleeves!).   Can’t you just imagine Lucy standing there in her apron ironing Ricky’s shirts?  While it is a cute vision, I’ll admit, it isn’t so practical.  Let’s face it.  I own a steamer and can’t remember the last time I used an iron!  Last week I decided it was time to make this space a little more useful…


  1. Newspaper or other paper to put down while you paint
  2. Tape for the edges of the paper
  3. Piece of Paper and a Pencil for making measurements
  4. Paint color of your choice ( I used chalkboard paint)
  5. Paint Brush
  6. Measuring Tape
  7. Sand Paper
  8. Level
  9. Hammer
  10. Calculator
  11. Wood: I used a pine board that is 2” deep and 3/8” thick based on the measurement of my cabinet. I purchased one 8 foot piece from Lowe’s and they cut it into 7- 11 ¾” pieces for my shelves.

Step 1: Measure your cabinet.  Next measure the height of your space.  Be sure to acknowledge how tall your tallest shelf will need to be.  Based on what you are hoping to store, do the math and determine how many shelves you will want inside of your cabinet and how long and deep they should be.

Step 2: After gathering your supplies from the garage or local hardware store (or Lowe’s!), tape down some newsprint or other paper so that you can paint your shelves and allow them to dry.  I used chalkboard paint which dries really fast.

 Step 3: With your pencil (I used chalk), measure and make marks where your shelves should go inside of your cabinet.

 Step 4: Installing the shelves: I made the length of my shelves 1/8” longer than there was actually space for.  I sanded down each shelf’s edge slightly and then hammered it into place between the two wooden walls of my cabinet.  You can absolutely use nails or other adhesive if there is more variance in your measurements.  I found the former method to work really well, though!

 Step 5: Use the level to make sure all shelves are properly aligned.

 Step 6:  Touch up any paint that may have been scratched or chipped during the installing period.  I left my cabinet open and allowed the paint smell to air out for two days before putting the spices in their new cabinet.

Easy enough, right?  I am dying to know, does anyone else have this funny little ironing board cabinet in their house?  I wonder how common it is!

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  1. Hannah G


    LOVE THIS! What a great idea!

  2. Marissa


    Yes! I too have a drop down ironing board (complete with mini sleeve board). I hadn’t the faintest idea what to make of it until reading your post. Absolutely wonderful!

  3. What a great idea!

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