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We (Caitlin & Caitlin) love new clothes as much as the next garment groupie, but what we love even more is when they fit like a glove. (We also love gloves, but that’s another topic.) Tailoring is considered a must when suits, gowns, and the perfect pair of jeans are involved, but not everyone thinks about tailoring when selecting window treatments, sofa upholstery, and the perfect bed dressing.  We study interiors the way a sartorialist studies clothes. Is that sofa too large, too small for that room, that arrangement? Does the pattern in that upholstered chair’s seat line up with it’s back? Is the room adequately serving it’s function without clutter, with furniture pieces specifically selected?


As blazer and boot season starts, the fall-time oxford look is seriously seducing us. And just as we do with all inspiration that hits us, we translate the looks into interiors:



Of course we also love the wabi-sabi looks and bohemian decor, but if classic, clean is your style, remember some of these guidelines when making your interior alterations:

·     Plan ahead. Consider scale when it comes to the major pieces of furniture.

·     Make your rooms visually symmetrical.

·     If you can afford to, build your cabinetry into your space without leaving gaps.

·     Soft accessories should look crisp. Cushioning should fill out pillows. Blankets should be folded simply.

·     Choose chairs that have rectilinear shapes, tucked upholstery, and trim detailing that is clean and without flourishes.

·     Select hardware that is simple and geometric. A round brass pull looks more tailored than a vintage, organic floral one.

·     Bring personality into the space with lighting, art, and plants. Just because your space is classic, doesn’t mean it needs to be lifeless.

·     If designing a kitchen, use integrated appliances that have cabinet fronts (for example refrigerator and dishwasher) for a seamless look.

·     Lastly, de-clutter, de-clutter, de-clutter!

Images via Elle Decor

  1. Love that beautiful dog bed!

    • Jen Pinkston


      Gorgeous, right!? That alone is almost enough to make me run out and get a dog… almost.

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