My Style || Spring Uniform + The Neck Scarf

Happy Monday, friends! How were your weekends?! Ours was seriously one of the best I can remember! Aaron’s family was in town, we celebrated Parker’s birthday on Saturday and my nephew’s birthday on Sunday, and still managed to spend plenty of time poolside in the sunshine.  The pregnancy nesting seems to have officially set in as well. I spent a good amount of time this weekend weeding through Parker’s closet and my own, packing up things that we wouldn’t need until the first fall cold front and setting aside another pile of pieces to donate.  Being pregnant is taking me back to my capsule wardrobe days and reminding me how nice it is to peer into a closet and only see things that are seasonally appropriate, fit you in that moment, and that you love staring right back.  As for the pieces I can’t live without right now?…

For starters, a neck scarf are my favorite accessory right now.  It feels like such an easy way to add color or pattern or just general interest to any look.  Plus it still feels effortless and casual.  Next on my list is definitely oversized tops, tunics, and dresses that aren’t maternity, but fit nicely around this growing belly without looking to mumu-esque.  I don’t know why I am so anti-maternity clothes at the moment. I wasn’t at all like this with Parker, but this time around, other than maternity jeans, I’m really trying to hold out and just wear / purchase pieces that aren’t maternity, but still work with a bump. (Some form of denial maybe?!)  Lastly? Extra skinny cropped jeans to juxtapose those voluminous top silhouettes.

What are you loving and living in these days?!

Photography by Katie Jameson

Jeans, Paige (these are from when I was pregs with Parker, other maternity option here) || Striped Tunic, Madewell || Bracelet, Natalie Borton || Sunnies, Loft || Neck Scarf, Madewell

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  2. My spring uniform right now is a sleeveless top with a jersey lightweight jacket. The weather in Maine is unpredictable (to say the least!) so this lets me adjust as needed. There were days last week that we had to have the heat on in our office in the morning and the air conditioner on in the afternoon!

    An added bonus is being able to wear the sleeveless tops all summer long!

  3. I am loving this neck scarf against those beautiful colors….you are glowing mama(perhaps a tutorial on how to tie a neck scarf) still trying

  4. Katie H.


    You are the cutest pregnant person, but at the same time, you don’t event look pregnant in half of these pictures. I’d say mission non-maternity clothes is working for you!

    • Jen Pinkston


      Haha! We’ll see how long I can make it last… this bump is growing at rapid speed!

  5. Shawna


    I’m loving the neck scarf trend myself. Loving this dreamy pastel color palette, Jen. You wear pregnancy so well, you’re glowing!

    Shawna ||

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