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How were your weekends, friends?!  I am so excited to get to introduce you today to such an amazing and talented illustrator, Belinda Chen.  Our paths first crossed when I was designing this blog over two years ago.  I was in search of someone to create the illustration that you see there to the left and I was so fortunate to find Belinda.  She is going to be creating illustrations of our favorite looks and trends as we head into fall and I could not be more excited!  The inspiration for today’s illustration?  Every day essentials.  From a perfect pair of denim to an impeccable tee that has been worn-in just right, these are simple pieces that no closet should be without.  The rest of my wardrobe staples?  My favorite sunnies, an every-day-non-blazer jacket, a great pair of ankle boots, a stylish leather bag, a dress that fits in all of the right places, and a classic trench coat.  What things can you not live without?

**Belinda Chen is an illustrator and graphic designer based in New York.  Always curious, she loves fashion, art, traveling and going on adventures.


  1. Love Belinda’s work!