My Style || A Casual Travel Look

Things that seem like a good idea at the time: Binge watching just one more episode on Sunday night, Monday be damned.  Signing up for that half marathon and then hoping to wing it.  Thinking you can move without movers. After all, it’s not that much stuff, right?  Taking the 405 at an odd hour.  Who else would possibly be on the highway right now?  Booking a round trip flight to Stockholm with two stops and multiple layovers.  I’ll read so many books! I’ve been guilty of all of these at one time or another, but you can probably guess which one is my latest debacle!  For all of her faults, LAX sure did have a lot of international non-stop flight options, so when I went to book our Stockholm flights I was a little surprised at the lack thereof.  Never one to be dissuaded by logistics, though, I powered ahead, booked the flights, and planned a very comfortable, multi-purpose travel look, as seen above!  Stretchy, maternity jeans? Check! Sneakers? Check! The thinnest tissue tee layered under this red sweatshirt and topped with a neck scarf that serves no other purpose than to look cute? Check, check, check!  Headed anywhere this spring?  What’s your go to look for long travel days? (You can see what I wore for the flight home at the end of the post and more pictures from our trip here.  Full post coming soon!)

And for the flight home? Same sneakers, heavy-weight black knit leggings, an extra long black tank and a cozy waffle sweater:

Photography by Katie Jameson

red sweatshirt, Madewell || jeans, Paige Maternity (same wash, not maternity here) || neck scarf, Madewell || sneakers, Nike Airmax

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  1. I love how chic your outfit is!!

    xx Jennifer
    Effortlessly Sophisticated

    • Jen Pinkston


      Thanks, Jennifer! I’m sure it was slightly more disheveled after 18 hours of travel!

  2. Caleigh


    LOVE this outfit! Seems very cozy & practical. The red looks great on you! We are road tripling to Calgary & Banff in May with our two boys! Your post has inspired me to start planning my outfits!

    • Jen Pinkston


      I have been dying to go to Banff! Have you been before? Would love to know how it is for kids!

      • Caleigh


        Oh yes, I’ve been there twice & both times I absolutely loved it. The town is very touristy but the park is oh so amazing. Absolutely gorgeous. The gondola ride up the mountains, the natural springs pool are fan favourites & there are outdoor activities all year long!

  3. Maternity chic…love it Jen xx

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