State of the Art


Alright,  ladies and gentlemen, consider this is the question and answer portion of the blog.  I have some bare walls that need some serious attention, but I’m having such a hard time settling on the right piece of art.  There is something about putting that nail in the wall that feels so permanent!  Im dying to know, where do you go to purchase art?  How do you choose? We’re looking for a piece now that needs to be at least 4 feet by 4 feet square  for our living room.  Due to the size, it is destined to be a statement piece no matter what we decide which is causing me utter indecision!  Any recommendations?  By the way, I’m over on Camille Styles today talking activewear and on the brand new talking pre-spring fashion– give them a read if you have a moment!  But first, help!  Which one of these do you art pieces do you like?  Do you prefer a single piece on a wall or multiple?

Art 1

Art 2

art 4



Art 6


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  1. I would check out the paintings by Made by Girl at Cocoa & Hearts. Here is the link to her blog shop and her painting sites:

    Check out her blog too! I have feeling you would love it!! =)

  2. Great photos, I like a lot of art on the wall, stacked all the way to the ceiling

  3. Caitlin & Caitlin here! We think it depends on the wall. One big statement piece can make a room. On the other hand, a collection can tell a story, creating an intimate and personal space. Can we just say though, we are OBSESSED with those yellow art pieces with the horizontal stripes. So graphic and so refined.

    • Totally agree! Isn’t the yellow so chic?! Can’t wait to see your art choices for the new loft!

  4. I think one large graphic & colorful piece is always best. I love the look of a thick canvas.
    Happy art-hunting…it takes a while, but when you see the piece that’s meant to be you’ll know!! 🙂

    • I think I am leaning towards one big canvas… I’ll keep you posted! xo

  5. Check out artsicle – you can rent it to try it out, purchase it if you like or if not, swap it!