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As someone who has never resided in NYC, I always find myself curious to peek into the door of a historical brownstone or downtown loft space while I’m wandering around the city.  This series seemed like the perfect excuse to knock on the door of one of our favorite entertainment stylists and get the skinny on how she pulls off such effortless entertaining style in the center of this urban jungle.  If you’re not yet familiar with her site, Meyers Styles, you will definitely want to check it out for approachable at-home party ideas, tasty recipes, design projects and innovative tips for living an inspired life.Sneak-A-Peek-Katies-NYC-Dining-Room-2

How long have you lived in New York?  Where are you from originally?

I’ve been living in NYC for about four years, but I’m a Midwesterner at heart. I grew up in Cincinnati and lived in Chicago for seven years before moving to NYC.

How long have you lived in this place?

It’s been almost a year since we moved into our loft-style apartment. I was super pregnant when my husband called to tell me he found a great building. At that point, as long as there was a washer and dryer and didn’t require me spending another minute apartment hunting – I was sold. Luckily, it’s been my favorite space I’ve ever lived in.

Sneak-A-Peek-Katies-NYC-Dining-Room-3 Sneak-A-Peek-Katies-NYC-Dining-Room-4What was your inspiration when designing the dining room?

My husband and I have friends over often so our main goal was to create a comfortable and relaxing vibe; where guests feel welcome to linger well after dinner wraps up. My design aesthetic is classic with a twist, but lately I’ve been bringing more abstract and modern pieces into our home.

What were your biggest challenges with the space?

The dining room, kitchen and living room are one big open space. While that happens to be my favorite part (chatting with guests while experimenting with cocktail recipes or while we put the final touches on dinner) it was also the toughest part when we started decorating. I wanted to give the dining room a completely separate feel from the living room and decided the best way to do it was to add a bright rug to the dining room and get contrasting pieces of furniture to give each spaces its own unique vibe.

Has the space evolved since you’ve become a mom?

Yes, the room has already changed quite a bit! A few weeks before Maggie’s six month birthday, we set up her high chair and a few other baby-friendly things so that’s been an adjustment. Also, I’m trying to bring more “meaningful” pieces into the room such as old family photos and eclectic, vintage items like my old-fashioned camera to warm up the space a bit.

What are your tips for hosting a dinner party?

As I try to showcase on Meyers Styles you don’t have to have an enormous home or anything too over-the-top in order to host a phenomenal party! No need to stress over details that chances are, no one will notice anyhow. The most important part of any party is the guest list so as long as you set a warm welcoming vibe off the bat, your party will be perfection!

Also, when I host a casual dinner or even something slightly formal, I set the food and wine on the table or within arm’s reach. Creating a family-style type dinner allows everyone to refill their plate or glass without getting up so they can continue enjoying a cozy dinner.

Sneak-A-Peek-Katies-NYC-Dining-Room-5 Sneak-A-Peek-Katies-NYC-Dining-Room-6 Sneak-A-Peek-Katies-NYC-Dining-Room-7

Any future plans for this space?

Next up in the Meyers house – baby proofing! Everyone has warned me that the lower levels of our bookcase are only going to look like that for a few more weeks so we better move our fragile items out of reach because Maggie is on the verge of learning to crawl. Once she is old enough to walk, we’ll add in a few more dining chairs or a bench to one side of the table.

What is your favorite thing about this room?

The insane amount of natural light! After living downtown Manhattan where many apartments don’t get much (or any!) sun, this space is the opposite. Off to the side of the room is a little nook that I spend a lot of time reading or relaxing with glass of wine after a long day and looking out the large window is the best way to decompress.

Sneak-A-Peek-Katies-NYC-Dining-Room-8 Sneak-A-Peek-Katies-NYC-Dining-Room-9 Sneak-A-Peek-Katies-NYC-Dining-Room-10

SourcesDining Room Table, West Elm // Rug, Rugs USA // Lamp, Lamps Plus // Chandelier, West Elm // Candles, Illume Candles

Photography by Cheyenne Mojica

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  2. Jeanie


    As usual, Katie presents a comfortable approach to entertaining, for herself as well as her guests! So thrilled to follow your inspirations Katie.


  4. This is SO lovely!! Katie knocked it out of the park once again…Thanks for the tips!

  5. Toni Mulrane


    Everything looks so elegant, and yet, so simple! I definitely need to incorporate some of these entertaining ideas into my own life – less stress, more enjoyment!

  6. Liz Meyers


    Thanks for the gorgeous peek into your apartment!

  7. Liz Meyers


    Thanks for the gorgeous peek into your apartment!

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