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I’m not going to lie you guys, this post gives me just a hint of baby fever.  Those little toes!  Parker’s feet are like big scuba diving flippers in comparison to this sweet babe!  This little one happens to belong to my dear friend, Kate.  The moment I stepped into this nursery, I knew I had to share it with you guys.  It feels so sweet and whimsical and at the exact same time also sophisticated and not overly juvenile.  Do you die for the wallpaper and gold crib?  I do!  Kate was sweet enough to not only let us sneak a peek of Baby Ellie’s perfect space, but to give us the lowdown on how she put it together and where she shopped.  Keep reading for the full scoop!

Ellie's_Mid_Century_Vintage_Nursery_2 Ellie's_Mid_Century_Vintage_Nursery_3

For starters, tell us who the lucky lady is who gets to live in this chic space?

Ellie Jo Pallan is 10 weeks old (will be 11 weeks on Monday)

What was your main source of inspiration when designing the nursery?

When I found out we were having a girl it was really important to me that her nursery felt feminine, however I didn’t want it to feel young. I was inspired to create a room that was grown up and would be appropriate for her as she grew older. I feel her space works from infant through childhood. This was important to us considering how quickly babies change and grow. I also wanted to make sure that the pieces could work in multiple rooms in our house.

Ellie's_Mid_Century_Vintage_Nursery_4 Ellie's_Mid_Century_Vintage_Nursery_5 Ellie's_Mid_Century_Vintage_Nursery_6

Do you have a favorite piece in the room? 

Another favorite piece of mine is her bird mobile. My good friend, Corrie Sullivan, is crazy talented and made this for Ellie. Ellie loves looking at it while she’s falling asleep. I’ve even caught her smiling at it while it moves.

What was your biggest challenge with the space?

The biggest challenge with the space had to be hanging the wallpaper. I was very pregnant at the time, so my husband tackled this project. Taylor is extremely handy, however this task was harder than we anticipated. Let’s just say I think we will hire someone to hang our future wallpaper projects.

Ellie's_Mid_Century_Vintage_Nursery_7 Ellie's_Mid_Century_Vintage_Nursery_8 Ellie's_Mid_Century_Vintage_Nursery_9 Ellie's_Mid_Century_Vintage_Nursery_10

Now that you’re 3 months in, is there anything you would change? 

There isn’t much that I would change, but there are definitely more pieces that I would like to get for the nursery. I’m still on the hunt for a fun bench for underneath the bookshelves. We also need to hang a piece of artwork above the rocker. I don’t feel that we are quite finished with Ellie’s room, but I’m really happy with the outcome so far!

What are your favorite activities do with Ellie?

Ellie is at a really fun stage. She is babbling and smiling like crazy. My favorite activity is to sing to her. I know it sounds simple, but I love this time with her. When I sing she gets the biggest grin on her face. My heart melts every time. I also love our bedtime routine. My husband is in charge of her bath and giving her a bottle. Although I’m usually getting dinner ready at this time, I often catch glimpses of the sweetest moments between the two of them. Ellie is definitely Daddy’s little girl. I see some spoiling in our future!

Ellie's_Mid_Century_Vintage_Nursery_11 Ellie's_Mid_Century_Vintage_Nursery_12 Ellie's_Mid_Century_Vintage_Nursery_13 Ellie's_Mid_Century_Vintage_Nursery_14

Do you think LA is a good city for babies?

LA has turned out to be a wonderful place to raise Ellie. I love that she continues to be exposed to the diversity that a city like LA has to offer. There is also an abundance of great places that I can take her and enjoy myself. New parks and coffee shops pop up all the time. Heading to a park and coffee shop is the perfect outing for a tired mom who needs to get out of the house with her kiddo.

What is your favorite motherhood moment so far?

Do I really have to choose one? Everyday there are moments that I just want to freeze. She already seems to be growing up too quickly. I would have to say my favorite motherhood moments are simple ones that we spend together as a family. There’s nothing better for me than to watch my husband and daughter spend time together. They already have the sweetest bond. Being together as a family is the best part of being a mom.

Ellie's_Mid_Century_Vintage_Nursery_15 Ellie's_Mid_Century_Vintage_Nursery_16

Crib, Jenny Lind via Amazon // Changing Table (Dresser), Mod Crib LA // Wallpaper, House of Hackney // Glider, West Elm // Tufted Ottoman, Target // Bird Mobile, Corrie Sullivan

Photography by Stephanie Godfrey

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