Sneak-A-Peek // Dillon’s Safari Nursery


One of the most exciting things you can do as a mama-to-be is to design the nursery.  It’s so easy to imagine rocking them to sleep in the glider you’ll put in the corner and lay them down to sleep in the crib that you spend weeks contemplating.  The rug needs to be soft enough for them to roll around on because you can envision the hours spent stacking blocks and reading books to them there.  This is our third nursery that we’ve featured and in all of them, each detail is always so thoughtfully selected by these expectant mamas.  This mama is no exception to that rule, but to make matters even better, she happens to be the designer-in-chief of her own firm, Widell Designs.  Dillon is one lucky little guy to get to reside in this gender neutral safari-themed abode!  See for yourself…

Dillon's-Safari-Themed-Nursery-2 Dillon's-Safari-Themed-Nursery-3 Dillon's-Safari-Themed-Nursery-4 Dillon's-Safari-Themed-Nursery-5 Dillon's-Safari-Themed-Nursery-6 Dillon's-Safari-Themed-Nursery-7 Dillon's-Safari-Themed-Nursery-8 Dillon's-Safari-Themed-Nursery-9 Dillon's-Safari-Themed-Nursery-10

Photography: Renee Dickerson | Blue Rug, Elephant Lamp, Pillows, Baskets, Toys, + Books: Homegoods | Changing Table Cover, Hanging Lamp, + Bedding: Oilo Studio | Crib: Maclaren + Netto Collection | Custom Blanket: Pottery Barn Kids | Dresser, Day Bed, + Rocking Chair: West Elm | Elephant Hamper:The Classy Home | Hand-Woven Giraffe: Cabo, Mexico | Nursery Decor + Design: Barette Widell | Pictures: The Animal Print Shop | Vintage Safari Art: Vintage Gucci Silk Scarf | Woven Ottoman: Target

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