Smoothie Date + Our Off-Duty Looks

Can we talk about childcare for a quick sec? I promise afterwards we can talk about that cat sweatshirt that I wish they made in my size or these clogs that I can’t stop wearing, but for just a moment, childcare. It is the. hardest. thing. to figure out, at least in my experience, which is likely made more challenging by the fact that neither wardrobe styling or blogging is a typical 9-5 job. Back when we were in Los Angeles, we had a nanny three days a week. That meant that I scheduled all of my work for those three days and all of my play dates and fun Parker outings for the other two. It was kind of a dream scenario that I don’t think I fully appreciated in the moment. Now that Parker is in school and work keeps me busier, she goes five days a week until 3:30 and it’s honestly been a little bit of a struggle lately. I miss those days where we woke up late, went to get smoothies, met up with friends at the park, had an impromptu lunch at Whole Foods before nap time and then spent the late afternoon leisurely enjoying the sunshine in the backyard and cooking up something yummy for dinner. Geez, I was living the dream!  I contemplated taking her down to three days a week now, but it just doesn’t make sense with work, so instead I’ve been looking for a day here and there where we can play hooky from school and have a day just the two of us-like our yoga meet up day and these style shoots we were able to do together.

I mean look how big she is getting? (She used to be this big!)  It’s all going by too quickly, so I’ll gladly make up the working hours at night or on the weekends during nap time if it means getting to go for Juiceland smoothie dates and Ramsey Park outings with friends. The. years. are. short.

On Jen: oversized button down, Zara (similar + similar) || cropped jeans, Mother || clogs, Dolce Vita

On Parker: painted jeans, Zara (similar + similar + similar) || cat sweatshirt, Zara || boots, similar ||hat, Old Navy

Photography by Katie Jameson

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  1. I also wish Parker’s cat sweater came in a bigger size. I’d rock it!


  2. This is adorable, you guys are the cutest!

    The Little Things x

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