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If you check in here somewhat regularly, you might have noticed that I’ve been a little MIA this past week.  Aaron and I packed up our little doll baby and hopped a flight to Austin last week for my sister’s wedding and I decided it was the perfect opportunity for a little mini work vacation.  So, first things first, she did great on her first flight!  She doesn’t typically fall asleep very easily on us– she definitely prefers to nap in her crib or carseat– so I was a little nervous.  We ended up purchasing her a seat for this trip since it was our first time traveling with her and I’m so glad we did.  It was nice to have the whole row to ourselves and I was able to put her down for a nap in the airport in her car seat and then carry it onto the plane.  Check out this future frequent flyer:


We have the Ergo 360 (which she loves!) so I wore her in that through the airport and it made traveling a cinch.  When you’re wearing your babe you don’t have to get them out when going through security like you do if they’re in a carseat.  (Also, she pooped through two sets of clothes before we ever reached 10,000 feet, so do pack a lot of back ups!)  This picture was taken shortly after the first soiled set:


My mom had set up a room for Parker and basically had everything we needed so we only had to travel with clothes and a couple of her favorite toys.  Thanks Nan and Ta for making it quite the relaxing week!  Oh, and Parker now needs a pool in her backyard since that was part of our daily routine there.  Two swims a day is turning this gal into quite the fish!


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That’s my sweet nephew there who is turning 11 in August and I can’t believe it!  These are just some of Parker’s cousins and second cousins she gets to visit when we go back to Austin.  I grew up in Austin with so many of my cousins.  I’m excited to take trips back there in the summer so she can do the same.


Yep.  I have to say the first trip was quite the success and we can’t wait to go back!  Check in tomorrow and the rest of this week for our regularly scheduled programming! Xo

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  1. kay Schoening


    I love your blog! Great Pictures!

  2. lovely pics and Parker is a beauty!

  3. Kristen


    Glad the trip went well! I am from Austin and try to take my two little ladies home once or twice each year. Austin is such a great place to have as a home town.

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