Shopping Better This Holiday Season


“The man who moves a mountain, begins by carrying away the first stone.” I can’t recall when I first heard that Confucius quote, but it’s something I come back to often when I’m feeling overwhelmed by the scale of a project or what needs to be done. Sometimes the world we live in can feel overwhelming. There is so much around us that could be better and needs to be improved upon– renewable energy, fair labor practices around the globe, lifting families out of poverty here in the United States. Where does one begin? A really easy way is with how we shop.  I’m convinced that we can speak volumes with our purchasing decisions, just by shopping better. When you buy organic, you let that store know that you value organic produce, so they buy more organic produce increasing the demand, and allowing more farmers to grow organically. When you shop fair trade, you let stores and designers know that you will pay more to know where your clothes come from and that they were created in a dignified work environment. DIFF Eyewear is a company on a mission to provide great quality sunglasses at an affordable price, while simultaneously giving back. For every pair of sunglasses sold, they donate a pair of reading glasses to their charity partner, Eyes of Africa. It’s a win, win. (It’s always an added bonus when they’re stylish, too!) Keep reading to see more of my favorite pairs and for a coupon for TEC readers. Plus, I’m always looking for new ethical brands to shop– feel free to leave your favorites in the comments!

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This aviator style called The Cruz has a vintage 70’s vibe that I’m super into right now…





I love the bright holographic frames on this Dime II style…

diff_7 diff_8

These Kota frames are a total classic and perfect for every day.

Head over to DIFF Eyewear and use the code EFFORTLESS at checkout to save 15% on your purchase.  What does shopping better mean to you?


Photography by Katie Jameson

This post was sponsored by DIFF Eyewear. Thanks for supporting the brands that keep our doors open!

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  1. hello
    Where is the navy print shirt from please?
    Thank you

    • Jen Pinkston


      It is ALC from Net-a-Porter at their end of season sale from spring!

  2. Katie H.


    Love this. My face is a little bit smaller. Do you feel like they run big? Or would they work for a narrow face?

    • Jen Pinkston


      I think the Dime style would be perfect actually. The gold framed aviators might be too big.

  3. So fashonsble

  4. Fatima


    Love this! Great picks that are affordable and the style is on point.

    xx, Fatima

    • Jen Pinkston


      Yes! I love the price point almost as much as the mission behind it!

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