Shannon’s Vintage Whimsical Shared Girls Room

My dreams of a shared girls room began long before I bit into that cupcake with saturated pink center.  As soon as we began talking about baby #2, I secretly hoped that there was another girl in our future and that P would have a sister.  While we aren’t yet ready to transition them into the same room, there are two beds being delivered this weekend for Parker’s room.  The hope is that one day there will be whispering and giggling happening between those two beds, that I will have to holler up the stairs, “You two go to bed or I’m going to come up there!”.  That’s the stuff dreams are made of right?  In the meantime while Ever continues to occupy her crib, it will be nice to have two beds in there where guests can stay and we can put Parker on an air mattress.  This sweet girls room belongs to interior designer, Shannon Eddings. (You can see her other rooms here and here.)  It’s actually changed since we shot the space, so we might just have to do an update soon!  There’s a lot of different pieces in the mix, but the consistent color palette and vintage whimsical theme keep it all pulled together nicely!

Photography by Katie Jameson

  1. That is soooo cute! I wish i had that bedroom when i was a kid.

  2. Love it Jen xx

  3. This bedroom is so cute!!!

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