Set in Concrete

As we approach the 9 month mark as homeowners, Aaron and I have started talking about what our plan is for outdoors.  We know we need to repave the driveway, have considered putting up a fence, and creating a new walkway, but there are just so many options and possibilities that is nearly impossible to make a decision that is going to be so, well, set in concrete to be exact.  This is where you come in:  Below are some of the options we are considering and I would LOVE to know your thoughts!  Do any of your homes have these features?  And, of course, be sure to leave any contractor / concrete recommendations in the LA area below!


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  1. That fire pit is amazing! I recently bought a fire pit/concrete table from Restoration Hardware for my rooftop and it’s the BOMB!!

  2. Love the concrete large blocks in the backyard, and that fire pit is dreamy!

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