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Did you know that negative or fearful moments imprint themselves on our brain almost immediately?  I think it must be some sort of survival mechanism or maybe something that is intended to keep us from repeating past mistakes.  On the other hand, our happiest, most joyful moments are likely to just slip right off of our brain like teflon.  Research shows that you have to thoughtfully take in a positive, happy moment for at least 15 seconds to have it imprint on your brain in the same way. Kind of interesting, right?  Since I learned this, I have found myself trying to take in every glorious moment of Parker right now at two and a half.  Parker at two a half.  Staring deep into her eyes like a crazy person as she rocks her head from side to side and smiles her crooked smile with her eyes squeezed shut in sheer glee.  I never want to forget what this stage is like, because soon she will be Parker at 3, then 4, then 16… cue tears.  I realize that this is quite the intro to Diaper Bag Essentials, but as I was sitting here thinking about what I would include and realized that every phase is so different.  There were things that were essential at 3 months, but not at 13 months.  With that in mind below are my personal essentials for a few different stages.  Also, happy weekend, friends!  It’s been a long week.  Let’s all agree to take 15 seconds this weekend to cherish the truly glee-filled, joyous, happy moments that are surely coming our way.

DIAPER BAG ESSENTIALS || What I packed for 0-6 Months:

EVERYTHING (Kidding, but sometimes it felt like it!) || Parasol Diapers || Two Changes of Clothes || Nursing Cover || Swaddle Blanket or Two || Wrap || Pacifier || My Wallet || Lactation Cookies for Me! || Swell Water Bottle || Chapstick for me || Cute Headband for her || Teething Bead Necklace || Sophie the Giraffe || Nail Clippers || Diaper Rash Cream || Wipes

What I didn’t pack for 0-6 Months:

One of those diaper changing things that you roll out.  I just laid her on a Swaddle Blanket and would throw it in the wash when we got home. || Burp Cloths– she wasn’t much of a spitter, so again I would just throw a blanket over my shoulder

DIAPER BAG ESSENTIALS || What I packed for 6-12 Months:

Parasol Diapers— they’re seriously the best and we’ve tried everything  || A Change of Clothes || Nursing Cover || Wipes || Swaddle Blanket || Ergo Baby 360 || My Wallet || Kind Bars for Me! || Swell Water Bottle || Freshly Picked Moccasins || Board Books || Sunscreen || Diaper Rash Cream (We used Honest + California Baby in the beginning, but I swear by Triple Paste if you are dealing with a serious rash) || Her Water Cup || Her Lovey || Chapstick for me || Food Pouch or Other Snack for her like a Banana

What I didn’t pack for 6-12 Months:

Pacifier– she would never take one! || Real Shoes for Her || Cute Headband for her– would never keep them in ||

DIAPER BAG ESSENTIALS || What I packed for 12-24 Months:

Parasol Diapers  || Wipes || A Change of Clothes || My Wallet  || Sunscreen || Her Water Cup || Her Baby Doll || Her Lovey || Snacks– it’s all about the snacks at this age.  I always have a bar or piece of fruit on hand. Apples and Bananas are her jam!

What I didn’t pack for 12-24 Months:

So much.  We really take so little with us now.  I didn’t pack food pouches because she was never really into them.

Happy Weekend, folks!  Would love to hear what are your diaper bag essentials.  Be sure to check out these other posts by Catherine || Amy || Emily || Sarah || Leah

Photography by Mary Costa

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