Reader Survey + KitchenAid Giveaway!


‘Tis the season of baking sweet treats for sweethearts, so we figured it would be a perfect time to partner with Williams-Sonoma for a KitchenAid stand mixer giveaway!  (Note: This giveaway is now closed!) There is, though, a little bit of a catch: We want to know how you got here, why you come here and pick your brain on a couple other subjects if you don’t mind.  We just want to make sure that we are doing our best to bring you your favorite content in the best possible way.  I wish we could give each and every one of you a KitchenAid stand mixer, but alas, it’s just going to be one luck guy or gal!  Thank you so much in advance for taking a little bit of time to give us a piece of your mind.  We really appreciate it more than you know!

(Note: This giveaway is now closed!)

  1. Martha Susan


    I don’t think the forms privacy settings are quite right…

    • Jen Pinkston


      Thanks, Martha. Looking into this now…

    • Jen Pinkston


      Hi Martha, it looks like it’s taken care of! Please let me know if you have other issues! xx Jen

      • It says we need permission to access the form.

  2. Who wouldn’t love a free kitchen aide mixer! Love!

  3. Maddy Ogburn


    Love this blog! This is my Daily reading!

  4. Chanel Carl


    I am having trouble accessing the form. It is telling me I need permission…

  5. Rachel Collins


    I can’t find the survey? Is there a link? 🙂

  6. Jen Pinkston


    Should be all fixed!

  7. I’m obsessed with these mixers! Love the blog !!

  8. Thanks!!!

  9. Maryclare


    Thanks for fixing the survey! Hope it helps!

  10. Elizabeth Lauer


    I enjoy reading your blog and I would LOVE a Kitchen Aid mixer! Perfect for my new apartment!

  11. Brianna Murphy


    So excited for this opportunity in your contest!

  12. Nora Liberti


    Would love to win a Mixer!

  13. Just entered the survey! 🙂

  14. Michelle Mayne


    I hope this survey helps! Absolutely love your blog and can’t wait to see who wins the amazing giveaway!

  15. Just entered. Thanks for doing this giveaway! It’s a fun one! 🙂 Who doesn’t love those mixers? Every time I see the aqua one on display at Target, it makes me smile. Such a cheery little kitchen appliance. 🙂

    I love the idea of using a reader survey to check in with readers and see what they’re really loving and what’s working. Very clever. Anyway, thanks again. Hope you have a lovely day!

  16. Michelle Mayne


    Absolutely love your blog and this amazing giveaway!

  17. Brittany


    I love reading blogs! This one is great!

  18. Can’t stand how cute the colors are. Love these mixers!

  19. Morgan


    Love the blog!

  20. Did the survey! It didn’t have me record my name in the survey, but I was the one who put Elle Fowler, Angela Lanter & Blair Fowler for the other blogs.

    Love your blog & Instagrams!
    <3 Danielle

  21. Alexa Pawlowski


    Finished survey!

  22. Marlee


    I hope I win! I need a Kitchen Aid! Also, I love this blog!

  23. Nathan Borcherdt


    Submitted my survey!!

  24. Hello. Hope the survey will be usefull.

  25. christy


    It seems to work now!

  26. Taylor Marie


    Love the site!! Have made a few of your recipes…great job!

  27. Jenna L.


    Yay, it works now! Sent mine in!

  28. Thanks for the chance to win! I love the style posts and always love to hear the music you are listening to currently.

  29. Wendy Ward


    Loved the California Dreaming post yesterday. Now I’m obsessed with that A&O sweater.

  30. Love your blog!

  31. Michelle Boeder



  32. Elizabeth Linfield


    Love the red mixer! Fingers crossed!

  33. Jennifer


    Love the current mix of posts!

  34. Roslyn Hopkins


    I love that I found your awesome blog! Its one of my favorite to read everyday through bloglovin. Also, as a consultant who helps organizations with building surveys, I think the survey was great! 🙂

  35. love the blog! keep up the awesome work 🙂

  36. Lillian


    Would love to have a KitchenAid for my new apartment!

  37. Love your fashion and food posts! You make my life feel more chic just by having the blog up on my screen. I can’t wait to make some more sweet treats with a new mixer!

  38. Would love to win this for my kitchen!

  39. Jamie Lawler


    Always a joy to pop over to your blog but love to follow along on instagram as well. Thanks for the bringing such great content. And a kitchenaid?! That would be fab.

  40. Bridget Kelly


    completed, thanks!!

  41. Nicole


    Love this website! So glad I found out about it!

  42. Love the page Jen

  43. I’ve entered! I hope I win. My mom would love this.

  44. Effortless Chic’s number one fan 🙂 🙂 I would choose the white!!

  45. Kristen


    Kitchenaid mixers are the best, never had a mixer growing up but I’m a total convert after seeing how easy they make baking and cooking!

  46. Jess Bird


    Just did the survey but is the giveaway open to international readers?

  47. Hi there! Thanks for the chance to win.

  48. Kay schoening


    I love all your posts!

  49. Feeling inspired now to bake away this freezing NYC air!

  50. Ruthie


    Love the blog. I’m getting married this summer and would the kitchen aid. It would be the perfect addition to our newly wed kitchen 🙂

  51. becca c


    Love it! Totally digging the new copper color kitchenaid offers.

  52. Dariela Teran


    This will make whipping up cupcakes for my bible study so easy!!!!

  53. yukari hosaka


    I really enjoy your site. It’s so beautiful and have so many great info. Thank you!

  54. Katie H.


    Love reading TEC. Keep up the great work! 🙂

  55. Candace Scott


    I’m 26 and not married – I refuse to wait to register for one of these little buddies. The world needs more cookies.

  56. Rebecca


    Read the 10 ways to get organized post from the other day (was a bit behind on reading); it spurred a major kitchen reorganization session…. Thank you- I think.

  57. Kirsten Struthers


    Such pretty mixers!

  58. Fingers crossed the giveaway includes Canada!

  59. lauren


    Took the survey!

  60. Ali Hay


    Great blog! Thank you for sharing with us!

  61. Lauren hull


    I adore kitchen aid mixers. I love all the fun colors! I also love your blog :))

  62. Katie Bennett


    Just finished the survey! It’s always been my dream to own a KitchenAid mixer 🙂

  63. I am in love with all of your posts!!!

  64. Breanna


    Just did the survey, love your blog!!

  65. Marissa hunsberger


    Love these mixers!!

  66. Marissa hunsberger


    Love the mixers

  67. Love love love your posts!!!

  68. Carrie


    I hope I win!

  69. Survey complete! Would love to add this to my kitchen lineup! XO

  70. I did it:-)

  71. Kerowyn Brewer


    Love your blog and Instagram!! Thank you!!!

  72. Would be stoked to win!

  73. Sky Rose


    I’m so excited for the giveaway! I read your blog as much as I can and I love it! Just ordered a outfit I saw on here.

  74. Kathleen


    Kitchen Aid Mixer!! What a prize. Thanks for all the content and the chance to win!!

  75. Ashley Everett


    Great blog..eyeing the pink mixer! 🙂

  76. Love everything here!

  77. Anne-Marie


    I love your blog and I read it several times a week. What a great giveaway!! Fingers crossed!

  78. Love those mixer colors!!! Hope I win.

    Enjoy Effortless Chic everyday.

  79. Madisen McFadden


    On this blog every single day, I love it! (P.S. I’m in dyer need of a kitchenaid.)

  80. Whoop! Whoop! Who doesn’t love TEC & KitchenAid :]

  81. Stephie


    Such a great giveaway!!!

  82. Marina Holmes


    These kitchen aid mixers are dreamy and so practical. I love this post and give-away feature!

  83. Effortless Chic! Y.E.S.!

  84. Stephanie


    Making room on my counter now for this beauty!

  85. Been obsessed with TEC and those mixers for years…

  86. What a great giveaway! Love this site and W-S!

  87. Elisabeth


    Love TEC! And love Kitchen Aid!

  88. Joan Kotal


    I wanted one of these mixers forever and just never bought one. It would sure come in handy when making goodies with my sweet granddaughter.

  89. YiyiOC



  90. Love reading each day! Keep it coming

  91. Andrea


    I enjoy reading your style posts and posts about Parker!

  92. Olivia Pearson


    Happy to share my thoughts in support of a great blog. Keep up the good work!

    Fingers crossed for that fabulous mixer.

  93. Kristen Nelson


    You had me at KitchenAid mixer. . . And I love the majority of your posts!

  94. Devin B



  95. Patty Wettstein


    Love your site!

  96. love your site

  97. Thank you for providing all the eye candy and inspiration you do with this blog!

  98. Antonieta


    Just completed the survey. Thanks for such a lovely giveaway!

  99. Whoo! Survey Completed.

  100. What a great giveaway! I’d love to win the mixer.

  101. I love baking it’s my kind of relaxing beside my ´hard pharmacy studying 🙂 and Kitchen Aid is a frst thing i dream to buy when I will have my salary after university 🙂 but only if my dream did’t come true right now 🙂

  102. Maria Fernanda


    I like your blog!

  103. Quinn!


    Hi Jen! I love following along here and on instagram. I really admire your clean style and I’ve found inspiration throughout soo many of your varying posts! Want your new seafoam green kitchen tiles btw 🙂 Also love all your features that show different table settings. Thank you!

  104. David Konde


    I love your blog!!!

  105. Erika W.


    I took the survey!

  106. liz marhese


    I filled out/ submitted the reader survey.

  107. I took the survey!

  108. Natalie B


    I love reading TEC! Keep up the great work!

  109. i love your posts Jen. Your cocktails and recipes are always so delicious!

  110. I have always wanted one of these! Love this blog

  111. Noelle


    Thanks for the survey! Hope I win…I totally forgot to register for one of these for my wedding and have regretted it every since! Just can’t pull the trigger on getting one for myself yet.

  112. Danka Cervenanska


    Keeping my fingers crossed 🙂

  113. Vanessa


    I’m entered! Keep up the good work!

  114. Amanda Mapes


    love your site:)

  115. Survey done!

  116. Paige England


    I love this blog! So glad it was posted on Instagram too so i can tag others to enter!

  117. Jessica Scholl


    I love your blog! I hope I win!

  118. Muriel Parker


    Great stuff

  119. I love your blog!!!

  120. I really really really hope I’ll get my hands on this mixer. I have been contemplating getting one for so long. cheers!

  121. Such a great blog!

  122. Yay, I took the survey!

  123. love your site!

  124. Ashley Elliston


    love TEC

  125. I love baking and I’ve always wanted a colorful mixer!
    This would be phenomenal.

  126. I enjoy this blog and just filled out your survey. Thanks!

  127. caroline


    done and done! fingers crossed 🙂

  128. Anne G.


    So exciting!

  129. Shannon F


    I completed the survey. What a great giveaway! 🙂

  130. Love everything you post + how approachable and relate able you are!

  131. Andrea Wittig


    love your posts!

  132. Pretty mixers! Fingers crossed!

  133. Lindsay


    This would be and amazing addition to my newly redone kitchen! Thanks in large part to this post ( Thank you for this opportunity!

  134. mercedes sanchez


    Make sure to post the winner! Xoxo

  135. Chris Curry


    Jen – the Effortless Chic is great! Thanks for all of your wonderful work.

  136. Brittney


    I entered! Didn’t know if I needed to comment here or on fb 😉

  137. Martha J.


    Makes me so happy seeing all that you (Jen) are doing. Hook ’em and CIWY.

    P.S. Yay for all the Martha-ness in the comments so far.

  138. Survey submitted! Thanks for all the hard work and great posts! I am inspired by your dedication and the spreads you come up with! 🙂

  139. Ohh love those mixers!

  140. Linda S.


    Love the Effortless Chic!

  141. Brandon bell


    just took the survey!

  142. Martina


    Just shared the site with a friend looking for easy ways to dress up her casual style in 2015!

  143. paula bissanti


    thank you for asking us questions. It’s nice to see you care. I’d love to win one of these mixers. I’d never buy for myself.

  144. Alexandra


    done 🙂 hope you find the survey usefull

  145. nancy m


    From an east coast reader, love your simple modern style and positive spin on life.

  146. I would love a new mixer, my red one is making crazy noises so I think it’s almost done!

  147. Sarah W.


    Love all the posts! Hopefully more to come?

  148. geraldine


    Your sight is fairly new to me and I’m looking forward to reading more posts, learning new things and getting ideas and inspiration from your blog.

  149. I love the blog! It’s prefect as it is 🙂

  150. Lisa Brown


    thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  151. Rachel Collins



  152. Recent reader here, I’m hooked! Great blog!

  153. Lauren M.


    Love your site, daily viewer here! Great giveaway!

  154. michelle cunnnigham


    Done! Thanks for the opportunity!

  155. Survey complete!

  156. Danielle


  157. anne elliott


    I’d loooooove a mixer!

  158. I love reading your blog, Jen and seeing little Parker grow! I am so bummed we didn’t get to room together in Alt a couple of years ago, but glad we still got to meet briefly! Keep up the great work 🙂

  159. Lauren Martin


    I took the survey! I love this blog for a quick 5 mins of inspiration at the beginning of my day!

  160. Took the survey 🙂

  161. Kaitlin


    Love the blog! and would love to make one of your fabulous recipes with one of those mixers!

  162. Love your site, Jen! Have just started baking again and would love to update my mixer with one of these beauties! 🙂

  163. I took the survey!

  164. Thank you!

  165. Brittney



  166. rachelle wood


    I took it! love your blog 🙂

  167. a mixer! i just made my first batch of cookies from scratch this past december! having one of these would be much easier on the arms compared to the handheld mixer i was using!!

  168. K Hendryx


    Good Luck!

  169. Jessica


    Thanks for all the time you put into TEC!

  170. Lauren Sons


    I love how simple yet still informative and fun your posts are. And I always love the TEC playlists!

  171. Tiffany


    I’m fairly new to your blog and love it! I refrained from any new wardrobe purchases during “Shop Your Closet January” but tomorrow I fully intend on snagging those Seychelles booties you wore in the California Dreaming post. So cute!

  172. Great idea! excited for this giveaway 🙂

  173. quick and easy survey!! 🙂

  174. love reading your blog! just took the survey 🙂

  175. becca c


    Love your blog, great style and opinion!

    • becca c


      Just realized I commented twice because I didn’t see my first one. Woops!

  176. Took the survey!

  177. Morgane Boone


    I came across your blog about 1,5 years ago through Pinterest (the blackberry thyme sparkler recipe, to be exact). Been visiting every week ever since! I took the survey, fingers crossed to win 🙂

  178. Just finished the survey! Fun blog!

  179. Tabitha


    Yay! I would really love to win.

  180. I would love this mixer! So pretty! So amazing!!

  181. Amanda Johnson


    Took the survey! Love your blog! Keep up the good work! 🙂

  182. Tiffany


    Love the Effortless Chic!

  183. Alison F


    Love your website and would love a kitchen-aid mixer!

  184. Phong-Van Nguyen


    I completed the survey. I hope I win. I think I want a navy blue mixer. Thanks for having this giveaway.

  185. Camy K.


    Fingers crossed I get to grace my home with a kitchen aid!

  186. Katherine


    I’m a new reader and enjoying exploring the site.

  187. chris g


    So excited!!!

  188. Katarina


    Love your blog!! Just moved into a new apartment and this mixer would be a perfect addition!! 🙂

  189. Aimee Roth


    I love the blog, and I think it’s great that you’re so conscious of your readers! This is a wonderful giveaway too – the Kitchenaid colors are so cheery!

  190. Chrysa Mitta


    Would love to win one of these mixers!!