Read My Lips!


After being gone for the better part of this month and indulging in plenty of over-the-top meals, I came home so ready to reign it in and start cooking healthy meals at home again.  I am really trying to start eating more organic ingredients and get rid of all things artificial– so far so good!  Last night, though, I was stocking up on some of my beauty routine essentials over at Sephora and started wondering about what goes into those products, specifically lipstick.  Since it usually disappears after just a couple hours, I have to imagine that some of it is probably ending up in the same place as my morning latte, so shouldn’t I be equally concerned with it’s ingredients as well?  Did you know that some lipsticks are made with lead, parabens, and formeldahyde?  We picked our favorite five lip products that score best for being eco-friendly, non-cancer causing, and non-toxic.  (If you want to see what’s inside of your favorite beauty products, you can use this database to find out.)


ONE, Revlon / TWO, Mac / THREE, Burt’s Bees / FOUR, Clinique / FIVE, Smashbox

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  1. Love Burt’s Bees, must have 10 of these floating around the house and car.

  2. Jacquelynn


    you really should also take a look at this…